Being out with your baby can be quite the adventure! There are a lot of different types of baby gear you’ll need to bring along with you, and handling it all can be pretty difficult unless you’re a ninja! Not only that, but if you’ll be changing your baby’s diaper when you’re out, you’ll need a safe, clean place to store the diapers, too. If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck! Diaper bags are an excellent way to bring everything you need for a day out of the house with your baby. Although they’re called diaper bags, that’s a little bit of a misleading name; a good diaper bag will let you fit everything you need, like pacifiers, extra clothing, snacks, toys, and some might even have spaces to store your gadgets like cell phones, wallets, and more!

Some parents prefer to just recycle a bag they already own, and that’s a possibility, too. However, specifically designed diaper bags are often a much better choice, because they’ll have many different pockets and areas to store specific items, letting you neatly carry everything with you without throwing it into a big jumble at the bottom of a regular bag.

If you’re hunting for a diaper bag, I have some tips and advice for you. I bet that by the time you finish reading this guide you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect diaper bag for you.

Best Diaper Bag Reviews Guide

The Different Types of Diaper Bags

There are a few different types of diaper bags available. The first thing you should do is decide which type of diaper bag will work best for you. Here is a list of the different types of diaper bags available.

Backpack Diaper Bags

Backpack Diaper BagsIf you tend to bring a large variety of items with you when you’re out and about, a backpack diaper bag might be a very good choice. These diaper bags are similar to a regular backpack but have specialized pockets for things like diapers, wipes, changing pads and other small baby items.

Backpack diaper bags are worn on the back, and the weight is distributed evenly across both shoulders.

While backpack diaper bags are probably the most versatile type of diaper bag, they generally aren’t the most stylish. However, if you’re going for functionality over aesthetics, you really can’t go wrong with a backpack-style diaper bag.

Tote Diaper Bags

Tote Diaper BagsTote diaper bags look like a larger handbag, but have extra pockets and sections for holding all of your baby items. While some tote diaper bags are more about functionality than fashion, there are some models that are definitely quite nice looking and fashionable, too!

Some tote diaper bags have removable/adjustable straps, letting you turn it into a backpack diaper bag or a messenger bag.

What might be a downside to some parents (or a bonus) is that most tote bags have to be held in the hand or slung over one shoulder. Backpack diaper bags will spread the weight over both shoulders, so if you have a problem with one of your shoulders, a backpack-style bag might be the better choice

Messenger Diaper Bags

Messenger Diaper BagsLast but not least, messenger diaper bags are designed with one long strap to be worn on the shoulder or across your chest. These messenger diaper begs are generally marketed toward men, but they’re perfectly usable for women, too! Depending on the model, some messenger diaper bags have an adjustable strap so that you shouldn’t have to worry about it not fitting properly, or even better, you’ll be able to share it between both parents.

Some messenger diaper bags come with perks like insulated bottle holders, padded changing pads, etc. As they’re geared toward men, these messenger-style bags might just be the diaper bag for you if you’re a daddy.

Stroller Handlebar Bags — Not Recommended!

Stroller Handlebar BagsStroller handlebar bags on first glance might seem like a great option for parents that use a stroller and also want a diaper bag to go along with it. They have long straps which are meant to sit on the handlebars of the stroller, making it easy to carry around with you.

The problem is this: experts (the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) agree that stroller handlebar bags can be a safety hazard. The problem is that in certain situations, depending on both the stroller model and how heavy the handlebar bag is, it can possibly lead to the stroller tipping backward.

If you’re determined to use a stroller as well as bring a lot of gear along with you, you might consider purchasing a convertible stroller with a basket or other storage area for putting everything inside. This can be a great alternative to using a regular stroller along with a stroller handlebar bag — remember, safety should always come first! If not, a backpack diaper bag or any of the other types can easily be used while pushing a stroller.

Looking For Diapers?

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