10 Awesome Uses For Baby Powder

amazing uses for baby powderBaby powder is something you have in abundance when you have an infant! Did you know that there are a lot of really neat and useful ways to use baby powder that have nothing to do with changing baby diapers? Here is a list of 10 great things you can do with baby powder, that you’ve probably never thought of.

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 1. Absorb Grease Stains on Clothes

If you happen to get grease on your clothes while cooking—and I’m sure we all have—dabbing some baby powder on the stain can help. Be sure to rub it in well, and then brush off any of the excess powder. If the stain is still there, repeat until it’s gone. Magic!

2. Sprinkle Some Inside Rubber Gloves

Sprinkling a little baby powder inside your rubber dishwashing gloves makes it a lot easier to get them off and on. Try it!

3. Giving Your Dog a Dry Bath

It works great for dry-bathing your dog! Just sprinkle some on his fur, let it sit for a few minutes and then brush it out. Not as good as a real bath, but it works.

4. Freshen Musty Old Books

If you have old books around the house, or you brought home a haul from a yard sale, they might be smelling a little musty. Baby powder can do the trick: just sprinkle some on the pages, let it sit for a bit, and then shake it out. It should absorb a lot of the odour!

5. Untangling Knots

If you have a pesky knot in a shoelace or necklace that you can’t get out, try baby powder. It should help loosen the knot, making it easier to get it undone.

6. Cleaning Playing Cards

If your playing cards are starting to get a little sticky and gross, put them in a ziploc bag with some baby powder and shake it around. It should clean them up and make them just as good as new!

7. Dusting Flower Bulbs

This is an old gardening trick. Dusting flower bulbs with powder before putting them in the ground can help protect them from from rot, as well as protect them from pests. Just put the bulbs in a ziploc bag with some baby powder and shake them around gently.

8. Odour-Buster For Your Shoes

Baby powder works great to eliminate shoe odours! Just sprinkle some inside your shoes overnight and dump it out in the morning. They should be smelling good as new.

9. Cooling Sheets

Sprinkling baby powder on your bed sheets will not only keep them dry at night, especially when you sweat in the summer, but it will keep them feeling cooler as well.

10. Fix Squeaky Wooden Floors

If you have an annoying wooden floor that squeaks, sprinkle some baby powder in the cracks. With any luck, this will fix the problem!

Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Do you know of any other uses for baby powder that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments below!

(photo credit: Au Kirk)

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    • Jen
    • November 5, 2014

    These are great. And to add: sprinkle baby powder on your baby or yourself after a day at the beach and then wipe the sand right off. it’s amazing and super helpful when your kids are covered in sand.

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