What To Expect When You’re 30 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is the size of a cabbage!

In the throes of the third trimester, your baby is busy packing on the pounds while you have the chore of carrying all the extra weight.

The end is nearing, so let’s dive right into the happenings of this week!

How Big Is Baby at 30 Weeks?

Coming in at the size of a cabbage, your baby weighs nearly 3 pounds and is 15.7 inches long from head-to-feet. He/she will continue to lengthen, but not nearly as much as simply fattening up.

medical accurate 3d illustration of a fetus week 30

Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy at 30 Weeks

Anxiety – You might have heard that besides children, worry is a mom’s shadow. And, it’s true.

Mothers think and worry and ponder on every little detail surrounding their children. Even now, before your baby is born, your mind might be going 100 mph trying to organize everything and figure it all out mentally.

While this is perfectly normal, it can also cause anxiety. To help balance the natural tendency to worry and maintaining your peace of mind, try to get enough sleep, lean on your support circle, and make time each day to quiet your mind.

Preterm Labor – When labor occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy, it’s considered preterm. There are risks involved in preterm labor for both you and your baby.

But, going into preterm labor doesn’t always mean that you end up delivering. It’s important to know the signs of preterm labor and what you need to do about it.

Before you let panic set in, educate yourself on all thing preterm here.

Shoes – Due to swelling, additional weight gain, and slow blood circulation to the lower half of your body, your feet might be aching.

Although some of the cutest outfits display some uncomfortable shoes, there’s no reason to deny your dedication to fashion because of achy feet.

You might just need to shift your style trend a little.

Because you’re not the first women ever to be pregnant, here are 12 shoes other moms have claimed to be the greatest.

How Many Months is 30 Weeks?

You are now seven pregnant, mama! These last few weeks and months will probably fly by.

These weeks are also reported as some of the most difficult in terms of being able to move and get chores done, so prepare for a slight delay in productivity.

Ultrasound at 30 Weeks

All the fine hairs called lanugo that covered your baby is starting to disappear now. It will probably be completely gone by the time he/she is born.

The white, waxy layer of vernix has started to fade now, too. There might be some still on your baby’s skin at birth, but this is normal.

Not that you can see any of that on an ultrasound, but what you can see is your baby starting to fill out. He/she won’t change shape too much except in putting on more fat and growing larger.

30 weeks pregnant ultrasound #1 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound #2 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound #3 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound #4

30 Weeks Pregnant: Your Belly

As your belly keeps growing to accommodate a growing baby, the amniotic fluid starts to decrease.

What this feels like for you is stronger jabs and kicks from your baby. You might even be able to tell what position your baby is in by the body parts that sort of protrude out from your belly.

30 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in Your Body

Sweating – That pregnancy glow might just turn into a pregnancy sopping and dripping mess.

Because of raging hormones, metabolism change, and increased blood flow, you could be sweating more now than you did before pregnancy.

Sweating during pregnancy is actually a common complaint, and it’s also entirely normal. Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing and drink lots of water to help yourself stay cool and hydrated.

Clumsiness – More than likely, you’re less mobile than you were in your first or even second trimester. This fact alone decreases the chance that you’ll fall from clumsiness.

There’s a good chance you’ve learned how to move more slowly and deliberately while adjusting to your off-balance belly. Stay the course when it comes to moving slowly and deliberately.

The more your belly grows, the more likely you are to knock stuff off the grocery store shelf with it. So, no fast or sudden turning or twisting, mama.

Tired – With two trimesters behind you and in the throes of the third one, you’re probably feeling wiped out. Not only is your body under a lot of uncomfortable strain, but your mind is likely an organizing addict right now.

Getting things physically and mentally ready for a new baby can be exhausting. It’s perfectly normal to feel uber tired during this last leg of the pregnancy marathon.

Remember to take frequent breaks and do all you can to get good rest at night.

30 Weeks Pregnant: With Twins

Carrying twins or multiples means worrying that much more about giving birth before you’re full term.

Take comfort in knowing that if you gave birth this week, your babies would have a very strong survival rate.

While they’re still tucked away inside, it might be harder and harder for you to breath. Soon, your babies will move further down into your pelvis leaving your lungs more space to expand.

30 Weeks Pregnant: A Checklist

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