What To Expect When You’re 36 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is the size of a papaya!

With the finish line quickly approaching, your baby is almost ready to meet the world.

You might be ready for that to happen, too. Here’s what’s going on this week!

How Big Is Baby at 36 Weeks?

Your baby is about the size of a papaya, weighing about 5.8 pounds and measuring 18.7 inches from head-to-feet.

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a fetus week 36

Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy at 36 Weeks

Deep Breathing – Deep breathing is more than a passing trend. Not only can practicing it help you to block out life’s distractions for a moment, but it can also help your body to calm itself down during times of high anxiety.

The common breathing technique decades ago was to take many quick, shallow breaths. Thankfully, we realized that this does little to help oxygenate the body or help a woman focus during labor.

For tips on breathing techniques that will actually benefit you now and during labor, check this out.

Spotting – You’ve probably been watching your vaginal discharge throughout your entire pregnancy and now is not the time to stop.

This week, it’s not uncommon to experience a tiny bit of spotting. This is true especially if you are still sexually active.

If it’s no more than a few drops of blood, then there’s nothing to worry out as spotting is normal this far along.

If you discover more than a few drops, then please call your doctor.

Group Strep B TestGroup B Strep or GBS is a type of bacteria that many people have in their intestinal tract.

The threat it poses during pregnancy is that it can inhabit your vagina and be passed on to your baby as he/she passes through the birth canal.

In addition to infections, it can also cause stillbirth. Only about 25% of women test positive and are treated.

How Many Months is 36 Weeks?

You are now eight months and two weeks pregnant, mama!

Ultrasound at 36 Weeks

Your baby’s immune systems and circulatory systems are ready for the world as well as his/her kidneys and liver.

While your baby’s gums are relatively rigid, his/her skin is already smooth and soft.

With lungs getting stronger and stronger each day, your baby’s almost ready for that first big gulp of air.

36 weeks pregnant ultrasound #1 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound #2 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound #3 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound #4

36 Weeks Pregnant: Your Belly

Your belly is feeling very crowded nowadays, but those overcrowded days are almost over.

Your doctor is going to be keeping a close eye on the position of your baby from here on out.

If your baby is in any other position besides the head-down position for birth, then you might be given specific exercises to do to motivate your baby to turn.

36 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in Your Body

Breathing – Your baby will likely change positions to prepare for birth. This change is also known as “lightening” and will happen anywhere from two to four weeks (or more) before you give birth.

When this happens, you may pleasantly discover that you can inhale a full breath once again.

Frequent Urination – On the same lines as the point above, your baby dropping into an optimal birthing position could mean more pressure on your bladder.

So, although now you can breathe better, you might be visiting the restroom even more than you already were.

Pelvic Pressure – The hormone levels in your body have caused your ligaments and joints to feel looser.

Not only does this make your body achier, but it’s also harder to move your body in the same way that you did before pregnancy.

Things like walking, jogging, and bending might feel weird now. What this means when “lightening” occurs is that you might even feel pelvic pressure.

This could be anywhere from an ache to just an odd feeling in your pelvic area. You’ll be thankful for the loose joints during birth, but they might not be comfortable right now.

36 Weeks Pregnant: With Twins

You might be experiencing swollen legs and feet in your 36th week. All the weight of your babies in addition to the extra fluids in your body often wreak havoc on a woman’s legs and feet. If the swelling is sudden or extreme, please call your doctor.

Your doctor is watching your babies and the position they’re in. The goal is for them to be head-down to prepare for birth.

Although many twins are delivered by cesarean, many women still aim for a vaginal birth.

36 Weeks Pregnant: A Checklist

  • Prepare your job for maternity leave.
  • Review your material from birthing class.
  • Get last-minute labor and delivery questions answered.
  • Go over your name list once more if you haven’t settled on one yet.
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