121 Positive Natural Birth Stories: Inspirational & Motivational

I didn’t have a natural childbirth. I have mucho respect for those moms that have the courage and strength to go through with it, and I wish I did too, but it just wasn’t meant to be. If you’re interested in having a natural birth, you’re definitely not alone! While there are a lot of people that are against it, you’ll also find a lot of women that swear by having a natural birth.

Those of us that want to have a natural birth and look around the internet for stories and advice might come across some of the negative, fear-mongering stuff that exists out there, and for the pregnant mommy, that’s really the last thing we need to read.

I’ve compiled a list of 120 positive natural birth stories from around the internet. I hope it serves to encourage and give you strength!

  1. A Natural Hospital Birth by Adrienne Osuna of WellnessMama
  2. My Birth Story: The Birth of Fern Winter by Lauren Hartmann of The Little Things We Do
  3. A Natural Birth Story by Addie on Engaging Birth
  4. My Natural Birth Was Easier Than My Medicated Birth by Jacqueline Burt Cote on CafeMom
  5. Mama’s First-Time Birth and Faith in Women’s Bodies on Whole Parenting Family
  6. A First-Time Papa’s Perspective on Birth Center Birth on Whole Parenting Family
  7. How First-Time Parents Braved a Placental Abruption on Whole Parenting Family
  8. Ezra’s Birth by Paige Fritsche on Paige in a Blanket
  9. Welcome To The world, Arlo by Esther Croft on Envisage HypnoBirthing
  10. Vaginal Hospital Birth of Triplets on Birth Without Fear
  11. Luke’s Birth on The Hippie Housewife
  12. Elle’s Birth Story {Awesome Caul Homebirth} on Birth Without Fear
  13. Happy Birthday, Sweet One: Birth Story #1 by Virginia George
  14. Big News! Birth Story #3: An Unassisted Homebirth by Virginia George
  15. Emery’s Birth Story at Busyland
  16. A Nurse and Her Home Birth – A Birth Story on Mama Birth
  17. Our Daughter’s Birthday on Whole Parenting Family
  18. Raychel Joye’s Birth by Krysann on Bloom Spokane
  19. Birth Diary of Katelyn Noel on Natural Motherhood
  20. Abigail’s Birth Story on Natural Motherhood
  21. Kathleen Ann’s Birth Diary on Natural Motherhood
  22. Samuel’s Natural Birth Diary on Natural Motherhood
  23. My Successful Homebirth after Five Cesareans by Julie Eubank on Midwifery Today
  24. VBAC Success Story by Jennifer on Natural Motherhood
  25. A Home Birth Diary: Victoria on Natural Motherhood
  26. Homebirth of a 12 Pound Baby by Kristi on Natural Motherhood
  27. Birth Story of Dylan James on Natural Motherhood
  28. Charlotte’s Birth Story on Natural Motherhood
  29. The Birth of Jet by Marti on Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend
  30. Charlotte’s Birth Story, aka. Nate’s Talladega Run by Justine on Lone Home Ranger
  31. My Natural Unmedicated Childbirth Story by Brittany on The Pistachio Project
  32. What a Home Birth Looks Like by Erin Loechner on Babble
  33. A Natural Breech Birth Story by Our Own New Orleans Doula on Nola Nesting
  34. Alrik’s Birth Story: Sweet Surprise Unassisted Home Water Birth by Lauren Wayne on Hobo Mama
  35. Everett’s Birth Story on Natural Momma in Progress
  36. Happy Birthday Lindy! My Baby Girl’s Birth Story by Amber Canaan on Real Real Housewife
  37. Natural Birth Story – Baby Hudson Mills by Karla Mills on Natural Well Nest
  38. The Natural Birth Story of Nicholas John – A Healing Experience After a First Traumatic Labor by Joanna Steven
  39. Penelope’s Birth Story by Jenny Green on City Moms Blog
  40. My Natural Birth Story by Lucy Robinson on Lucille in the Sky
  41. The Natural VBAC Twin Birth by Jennifer on Multiple Realities
  42. A Birth Story on Diary of a First Child
  43. Birth Story of Aviya by Lushka on Not Quite Granola
  44. Our Home Birth From a Dad’s Perspective by Nick Coffer on My Daddy Cooks
  45. Week 40 + 6 – Birth Story of Ameli on Diary of a First Child
  46. The Perfect Birth on Our Mindful Life
  47. Own Your Birth: My Hope For All Expectant Moms by Andrea on Tales of Goodness
  48. Carnival of Natural Parenting: My Birth Experience by Lily at Witch Mom
  49. The Painless Natural Homebirth of BabyE by Shannon Brown on Growing Slower
  50. Reflections on Jemma’s Birth… 20 Months Later by Gretchen on That Mama Gretchen
  51. All of It on Pug in the Kitchen
  52. A Journey in Birth Confidence on The Artful Mama
  53. Giving Birth With Eminem on City Kids Homeschooling
  54. My Vegan Pregnancy and Natural Birth Experience by Sehjal Parikh
  55. Hallelujah’s Birth Story by Karli on Feed Me Mama
  56. Unmedicated Natural Birth Story & Video on Youtube (video)
  57. Natural Birth on Mother Bear Blog
  58. My Waterbirth, Homebirth & Hypnobirth by Terri on Child of Nature Isle
  59. The Natural Birth Story of Lincoln to Anne and David by Anne on Natural Childbirth Exercises
  60. My Successful VBAC Home Birth Story by Kara Carrero on Allternative Learning
  61. Rooney’s Natural Birth Story by Kelsey Williams on Birth With Balance
  62. A Birth Story: Claire Elizabeth Part I by Jenny Petty on Reno Moms Blog
  63. The Long, Beautiful Births of Solla Zakara and Winter Lumina {Natural Birth Story of Twins} by Krysal Cleaver on Birth Without Fear
  64. My Natural Birth Story Saga by Katie on Wellness Mama
  65. My Non-Medicated, Natural Birth Stories by Mandy on The Household Hero
  66. PCOS Didn’t Stop This Mama (Her Home Birth Story) by Jeni on First Time Mom MN
  67. Madison’s Birth Story on Purely Twins
  68. Cameron’s Birth Story by Myra Hope on My Blessed Life
  69. Harper’s Birth Story by Cara Corey
  70. Twins: Weston and Isaac’s Birth Story on Valley Women For Women
  71. 2nd Child Natural Birth Story on Spearmint Baby
  72. Birth Story #1- The Day I Became a Mommy! by Victoria Moore on Yogi Mami
  73. Natural Birth Story #2: A Fast and Amazing Birth by Victoria Moore on Yogi Mami
  74. Birthing At Home by Cara Jones on Richmond Mom
  75. A Long, Wild Ride On The Way To Meet Merrick on Yoga Janda
  76. Aryn’s Birth Story by Aryn Calhoun
  77. Clara’s Natural Birth Story by Amanda on Burlap Babies
  78. My Winter Birth Story by brikee on Wedding Bee
  79. Welcome Baby Ava Carmen! by LexP on BabyCenter
  80. My Natural Birth Story by Nawal Abuhamdeh on Coffee In My Sippy Cup
  81. Baby is Here! by Kelly on View Along the Way
  82. The Story of Maya’s Birth on Mommy The Iconoclast
  83. Liam’s Birth, a Mama’s Natural Birth Story on Nola Nesting
  84. My Birth Story by Samantha Marie Ward
  85. Ever’s Birth Story: Part Four by C. Jane Kendrick
  86. My Natural Birth Story by Anna Kana on MomQuery
  87. Baby Jae’s Birth Story on Mummy’s Reviews
  88. Natural Birth Story – Being a Mommy Again by Mandy on Mandy’s Healthy Life
  89. Miss Grey’s Birth Story: “Get this turd out of me!” on WeddingBee
  90. Berklee’s Birth Story on Sharon Johnson Photography (in pictures)
  91. Natural Birth Story + Newborn Photo Spam on Lay Bare, With a Little Flair
  92. My Baby Is Here: A Natural Birth Story on Beyond Vitality
  93. India Josephine’s Birth Story on Uniquely Normal Mom
  94. Caiden’s Natural Birth Story on New Leaf Wellness
  95. My Natural Childbirth Experience on Generation Cedar
  96. The Story of Keira Sage’s Birth: A Natural, Unmedicated, First-time Mother’s Story on Pregnant Athlete
  97. Cal’s Birth Story by Emily Frame
  98. Birth Story of Iris by Kristin & Matt on Isis Parenting
  99. The Birth Story by Laura Peifer on Mommy Run Fast
  100. Several Birth Stories by Shakira Rae Adams
  101. My Second Natural Childbirth on Gumbohair
  102. My Birth Story: Three Days, Coconut Water, and a Pizza by Amy Negussie on Chicago Now
  103. My Birth Story on Melanie Swan Photo
  104. Natural Birth Story of Baby Coen on BirthWise
  105. 40 Week Update: My Natural Birth Story on Mrs. Melbs
  106. My Natural Birth Story {After Three Epidurals} by Jenn on the Purposeful Mom
  107. A Natural Hospital Birth with an ObGyn and Doula on Birth Without Fear
  108. Penelope’s Natural Birth Story on BlogHer
  109. Natural Birth Using Hypnosis on Laura’s Blog
  110. The Birth of Austin by Deanna Schober on Fit To Be Pregnant
  111. Who-Who-Hee: A Natural Birth Story by Ashlee Krause on City Mom’s Blog
  112. I’s Birth Story on Running For Two
  113. Max’s Birth Story by Molly Mahar on Stratejoy
  114. Bananagrams & Potholes… A Birth Story by Mary Jane on Photog Mommie
  115. Elena’s Birth Story by Joanna Davidson
  116. We Had A Baby! (And Here Is Our Unusual Story) on Food Matters
  117. My Natural Birth at Draper Lone Peak Hospital: Josiah is Here!!! by Jen Gamboa
  118. Evelyn Claire’s Natural Birth Story on Damsel in a Mess
  119. Active Duty Military: Annie’s All Natural Birth Story in San Diego on Robin’s Nest Photography
  120. The (Very PG) Natural Birth Story of Edmund James by Corrie Anne
  121. Nora’s Natural Birth Story on Alternative Mama

Do you have a natural birth story you’d like to share, or any comments or questions? Are you planning on having a natural birth of your own? Let me know in the comment section below!

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