Divine Inspiration: Choosing Biblical Girl Names for Your Little Angel

If you are on the lookout for a name that carries a profound historical and spiritual significance, biblical girl names are an excellent source of inspiration.

Selecting a name from this storied book could provide your daughter with a name not just filled with deep meaning but also with a sense of timeless beauty.

Whether you’re seeking a name with a particular religious resonance or simply love the rich tapestry of biblical history, here’s a helpful guide to choosing the perfect biblical name for your precious little one.

70 Biblical Girl Names and Their Meanings

Join us on a journey through the pages of both the New Testament and the Old Testament as we explore a collection of 100 captivating biblical girl names. Each name is woven with unique significance and history, bound to bestow an air of strength and grace upon your daughter.

Names from the Old Testament

The Old Testament is a treasure trove of meaningful girl names that have stood the test of time and continue to be cherished by many. From names associated with wisdom and beauty to those representing strength and courage, the variety is bound to have something for every parent’s aspirations.

1. Abigail – Stems from the Hebrew name Avigail, meaning “joy of the father”.
2. Adah – A Hebrew name that means “adornment”.
3. Ahlai – Of Hebrew origin, means “beautiful adornment” or “ornamental”.
4. Amasa – A Hebrew name, meaning “burden”, suitable for a modern twist.
5. Atarah – Also Hebrew, signifies “crown”.
6. Bathsheba – Meaning “daughter of an oath”, from the Hebrew language.
7. Bethany – Derives from a Hebrew name meaning “house of welcome”.
8. Candace – A Latin name meaning “sincere”, “white”, or “pure”.
9. Delilah – A Hebrew name, translates to “delicate”.
10. Dinah – Meaning “God will judge”, and a powerful biblical figure.
11. Eden – An evocative name meaning “place of delight” in Hebrew.
12. Elizabeth – Derives from both Greek and Hebrew, signifying “oath of God” or “God is bountiful”.
13. Esther – A Persian name meaning “bride” or “star”.
14. Eve – The English form of the Hebrew name Chava, meaning “living”.
15. Hannah – Means “grace” or “favor” in Hebrew.
16. Judith – A Hebrew name that means “woman of Judea”.
17. Leah – Comes from the Hebrew word le’ah, signifying “weary”.
18. Miriam – Another name meaning “bitter”, of Hebrew origin.
19. Naomi – Translates to “pleasantness” in Hebrew.
20. Rachel – Means “female sheep” or “ewe” in Hebrew.
21. Rebekah – Signifying “to bind firmly” in Hebrew.
22. Ruth – A name that means “friend” or “companion” in Hebrew.
23. Sarai – The original name for Sarah, meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
24. Tamar – Translates to “date” or “palm tree” from Hebrew.
25. Zipporah – A Hebrew name, meaning “bird”.

Names from the New Testament

The New Testament is rich with names reflective of the early Christian community and the values they espoused. Discover names filled with grace, beauty, and the essence of early Christian virtues that continue to resonate today.

26. Anna – A name meaning “grace”, derived from the Hebrew Hannah.
27. Bernice – Greek in origin, signifying “she who brings victory”.
28. Claudia – A stately Latin name meaning “lame”.
29. Joanna – Signifies “God is gracious” in Latin.
30. Julia – Meaning “sky father” or “youthful”, from Latin.
31. Lois – When of English origin, it means “desirable”, but from German, it means “famous warrior”.
32. Lydia – A Greek name meaning “from Lydia”.
33. Mary – English version of Maria, meaning “rebellion”, “bitter”, or “wished-for child”.
34. Priscilla – In Latin, this name means “venerable” or “ancient”.
35. Rhoda – Greek and Latin roots give this name the meaning “rose”.
36. Salome – Hebrew in origin, translates to “peace”.
37. Sapphira – A Hebrew name which means “precious” or “beautiful”.
38. Susanna – A name of Hebrew origin, “lily” is its meaning.
39. Tabitha – Hebrew for “grace and beauty”.
40. Tryphena – A Greek name meaning “delicacy”.

Unique Biblical Names

Explore beyond the common choices and discover biblical names that are as distinctive as they are meaningful. These names carry a unique charm, setting your child apart with a name that resonates with history and uniqueness.

41. Abilene – Means “land of meadows” in Hebrew.
42. Ahira – Hebrew for “brother of wrong” or “unlucky”.
43. Asa – A Hebrew name meaning “healer”.
44. Cozbi – This Hebrew name means “liar” or “to lie”.
45. Drusilla – Latin for “fruitful”.
46. Jael – Hebrew for “mountain goat”, a name associated with a fierce biblical woman.
47. Keziah – A Hebrew name meaning “cassia tree”.
48. Keturah – Means “incense” in Hebrew.
49. Mahalath – Hebrew name translating to “lyre” or “song”.
50. Zilpah – A Hebrew name, meaning “droplet”.

Biblical Place Names for Girls

Divinely inspired geographical locations from the Bible make for intriguing and soulful names. Such names connect one’s identity with storied lands interwoven into biblical narratives.

51. Abilene – Referencing a place, “land of meadows”.
52. Bethany – Adds a touch of uniqueness with the place aspect.
53. Carmi – With its pleasant association with “vineyard,” “garden,” or “orchard”.
54. Cilicia – Latin for “that which overturns”, a historic nation.
55. Shiloh – Signifying “gift of God”, also an ancient city.
56. Jordan – After the river in the Bible, meaning “to flow down”.

Exotic Biblical Names

If you’re drawn to names that have an exotic flair, the Bible offers a range of options that might just be the perfect fit for your child, blending spirituality with an adventurous spirit.

57. Adina – A Hebrew name that means “slender” or “delicate”.
58. Damaris – Greek in origin, signifies “calf” or “gentle”.
59. Dorcas – Meaning “gazelle” in Greek.
60. Egypt – A place name symbolizing ancient civilization and splendor.
61. Hadassah – Hebrew for “myrtle tree”, also known as Esther.
62. Jethra – Originating from Hebrew, “abundance”.
63. Keturah – Another exotic name meaning “incense” in Hebrew.
64. Micaiah – Meaning “who is like Yahweh?”.
65. Tirzah – A Hebrew name signifying “she is my delight”.

Biblical Names with Strong Meanings

Your daughter’s name can serve as a daily reminder of strength, dignity, and courage. These names carry powerful connotations that might inspire and form a cornerstone of her identity.

66. Deborah – A Hebrew word for “bee”, symbolizing tenacity and leadership.
67. Jezebel – Although associated with a complex figure, it means “exalted”.
68. Jemima – Translates to “dove” in Hebrew.
69. Mahlah – Meaning “sickness”, but can represent overcoming challenges.
70. Samson – While typically male, it signifies “sun” and could be considered unisex.

No matter which biblical name you choose, it will be laden with history, character, and a sense of purpose. Some of these names have become timeless classics, while others are ripe for rediscovery. As you consider the options for your daughter, know that each name offers its own special narrative and potential for a life of meaning and inspiration.

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