The Best Gas-Eliminating Baby Bottles To Relieve Their Tummy Pains

If your little one is suffering from gas, I’ve been there.

Sometimes new parents are surprised at just how gassy babies can be. And unfortunately, gas can quickly lead to a very cranky baby.

When it comes to gas, like many things, prevention is the best medicine. One of the best ways I’ve found to reduce gas issues is by switching bottles. And it made a huge difference!

The main reasons for infants to have gas is from an allergy or inability to digest milk.

But another big reason is because they ingest a LOT of air bubbles in the milk. And that obviously quickly turns into a gassy baby.

Gas used to be a huge issue for parents. Many a mom or dad has been at their wits end trying to solve their little one’s gas issues. Many went as far as to believe that breastfeeding was the only solution, and there was nothing anyone else can do.

Flash forward to today.

These days, we have special bottles that are specifically designed to avoid this issue. They have special built-in venting systems that remove the air bubbles before they even reach the bottle’s nipple.

No more air bubbles means no more gas. And a much happer baby.

If your son or daughter is suffering from gas issues, I strongly recommend giving some new bottles a try. It could really be exactly what you need to make the problem go away!

Today I’ll tell you all about some of the best baby bottles for relieving gas.

My Favorite Gas-Relieving Bottles: Dr. Brown’s

best baby bottles for gasWhen my daughter suffered from gas problems, we tried everything. But the one thing that worked, and worked well, was switching to Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles. (click here to check price on Amazon)

They’re the most recommended bottles for fighting gas and colic, and that’s why I gave them a shot.

So, how do these magical bottles work, you ask?

They have an internal vent system to make sure that air and milk never mix. Because they never mix, it means there are no bubbles, and in turn, no gas.This is the primary way the bottles work to relieve gas and colic in babies.

What’s nice is that the vent system makes the milk flow more freely, making it easier for your little one to feed, and the venting system also prevents the nipple from collapsing.

The bottles come in both glass and BPA-free plastic, and the glass ones are slightly more expensive. There are pros and cons to glass vs. plastic, so the decision is really up to your personal preferences.

If you ask me, going with glass is a no-brainer. Baby bottles are supposed to be BPA-free, but there’s something offputting to me about feeding my child with plastic bottles. To each their own, though.

I, personally would recommend glass, but you can read our section on glass vs. plastic baby bottles to find out more if you aren’t already decided. If you’re worried about breaking, the glass bottles are extremely durable, and should easily survive being thrown to the floor, falling, etc. They’re also heavier than the plastic version, obviously.

Unfortunately, if you’re a mom trying to avoid any and all plastic and silicone, it’s really not possible with bottles. The glass version of the Dr. Browns does have a plastic vent system inside, because it would be way too fragile if it were made of glass.

Parents everywhere rave about these bottles, and say they’re simply the best baby bottles for relieving gas: period. They’re really high-quality bottles that I think you’ll really like. If you’re worried about nipple confusion, that shouldn’t be a problem with these bottles, either.

The only real downside to these bottles is that there are more parts to wash, but I don’t think it’s a very big deal.

They’re all dishwasher-safe, or you can simply soak them in warm, soapy water to clean them. It comes with a small brush to clean the small parts. It can be a chore to clean them every day, but it’s well worth it.

Anyway, if your little one is suffering from glass, I’d definitely recommend giving these bottles a shot. It made all the difference in the world for us, and for lots and lots of other parents, too.

  1. I totally agree with the doctor brown bottles! I have a month old baby and while pregnant i made sure those bottles were first on my list!

  2. Babies magic tea is a lifesaver! My baby was so miserable during the newborn period. He cried for hours a day. This made everyone else miserable. I tried gripe water but noticed no difference. But this stuff is magic! I could hear it immediately going through my baby’s stomach and he would calm down within minutes. He’s outgrown the miserable stage but I still keep this on hand for potential discomfort.

  3. Would recommend Baby’s magic tea to anyone who wants their child with digestive issues to sleep and be comforted. Our 8 week old son has silent reflux, gas and colic and this has been a godsend. He now sleeps 8/8:30 – 5:00 every night.

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