Mom’s Guide 2018: Bouncing to the Best Baby Bouncer!

Baby bouncers serve a similar purpose to swings; they provide a motion that is both soothing and entertaining to babies. A good baby bouncer is designed to be contoured to the baby’s fragile spine, and set up so that it gives him or her a view of what’s going on around them. Furthermore, a good bouncy seat is are often much more comfortable to children after they’ve eaten compared to a flat crib.

Let’s be honest: a baby bouncer isn’t something you’re going to be using for a long time. You will probably get about six months of use out of it before your baby can sit up by his or her self. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend an extravagant, expensive baby bouncer. In fact, the best bouncy seat for most parents will be one that doesn’t break the bank but still provides a quality product.

Even though you’ll only be using the baby bouncer for about the first six weeks of your baby’s life, the thing is, the time you spend using the baby bouncer will be priceless. They are excellent items for soothing an upset baby, and this guide will hopefully help you find the perfect bouncer for your personal needs.

MomTricks Picks: Which Baby Bouncers Do We Like?

Baby Bouncers OnlineThe Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer (click here to check price on Amazon)is our choice for the #1 baby bouncer for several reasons. First of all, it has an amazing amount of features for such a reasonably-priced baby bouncer. It is battery-operated (takes 4 “D” batteries) and has a number of features that use the battery power.

It has a built-in music player that includes twelve songs, and a light-up waterfall that is very entertaining for children. When your baby plays with the included toys, the Rainforest Bouncer makes a sound effect as a reward. If you think the sound effects and music might be annoying, don’t worry; the volume can be easily adjusted.

It has two modes: parent-activated and automatic modes. The parent-activated mode lets you enjoy play time with your baby, and has six longer songs. To help calm your baby, you can also activate the calming vibrations which are a great way to help your baby fall asleep, too.

For safety and comfort, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer shines, too. It has a three-point restraint system; there’s no way your baby should be able to get out of the bouncer on their own. It also has nice padding, with support for the upper back, head and neck, making it comfortable for sleeping and playing for extended periods of time.

It’s a great value: at around retail price, you really can’t go wrong. That’s why we think it’s by far the the best choice in baby bouncers for the money!

What To Look For When Shopping For a Bouncer

Since baby bouncers are quite similar to baby swings, there is a lot over overlap between what you should look for in both items. The main concern is safety — just like every other baby item, safety is of the utmost importance when searching for the a good baby bouncer.

Bouncer Safety Features To Look For

  • Secure straps — Since baby bouncers are meant to — as the name suggests — bounce, the straps that hold your baby in place should be strong and durable and lock into place securely.
  • Wide base — A wide base on a baby bouncer will ensure that it won’t accidentally tip over when your baby is using it. Be sure that the base of the baby bouncer doesn’t stick out too far, because as you can imagine, that quickly becomes an annoying tripping hazard depending on where you place the baby bouncer.
  • Weight capacity — Be sure to ekep a close eye on the weight capacity of the baby bouncers. Some baby bouncers have a minimum recommended weight, as well. Keeping all of this information in mind will help you determine how long you’ll be able to use the bouncer before your baby outgrows it — never put your baby in a bouncer if they don’t meet the weight restrictions.
  • Passes safety standards — There are several manufacturers that pass the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers’ Association) standards for safety certification. These are: Delta Enterprise, Safety 1st, Fisher-Price, Graco, Maclaren N.A., Baby King, Scandinavian Child, and Summer Infant. (source:

Warning: No matter what, you should never leave your baby unattended in their baby bouncer. While baby bouncers available for purchase should all have passed safety standards, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Other Things To Consider…

  • Sun shade — If you plan on using the baby bouncer outside, the be sure to look out for one that that includes a sun shade. The sun can be harsh these days — especially to babies and their delicate skin!
  • Cost — As mentioned, you will probably get about six months use out of a baby bouncer. Because of this, you might not want to spend a lot of money on one. I think that the best choice for for most parents will be a mid-priced bouncer; luckily, most of the top-rated baby bouncers on the market are around , which is an excellent price!
  • Comfortable — Look for a baby bouncer that is nicely padded, which will make it a very comfortable ride for your little one.
  • Adjustable speed — If you select a battery-operated baby bouncer, go for one that has adjustable speeds. This will let you find exactly the speed that your baby enjoys most.
  • Music or sounds — Some baby bouncers have a built-in music or sound player which can be very soothing to the baby. You might want to make sure that the music or sounds are variable, though; you wouldn’t want to be driven crazy after hearing the same song for hours on end!
  • Toy bar — Many baby bouncers have a toy bar that allows you to put your baby’s favorite toy in front of them for added entertainment and comfort. If the particular baby bouncer you like doesn’t have a toy bar, you can purchase a separate one
  • Portable — If you think you’ll be moving the baby bouncer around the house — and you most likely will — the ideal baby bouncer for you will probably be one that is lightweight and portable.

Types of Baby Bouncers: Which is Best?

There are two general types of baby bouncers: framed bouncers, which rock back and forth wight the weight of your baby and are completely manual. The other type of baby bouncers are the battery-operated bouncers which, as you might guess, use batteries to provide a constant rocking motion. If your baby is one that enjoys a constant rocking motion, a battery-powered might be a good idea.

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