Mom’s Guide 2018: What Are The Best Cribs For Twins?

So, you’re pregnant with twins! You’re probably really excited (and nervous!) about it, and maybe even worrying about the expenses associated with raising not just one, but two babies. You’re probably also thinking about space: cribs and other nursery items take up a lot of space, especially if you need two of them! The best cribs for twins are those that are smaller in size; you can usually fit two in a single room, which is ideal.

You Might Be Okay With a Single Crib (At First)

There is conflicting information out there about sleeping your twins in the same crib at first. While many parents put them in a single crib for the first few months, some medical professionals recommend against it, quoting an increased the risk of suffocation, overheating and SIDS. It’s up to you to decide, but you’re probably okay sleeping them in the same bed at first, especially if you make sure they have enough room.

Once they get old enough that they start moving and rolling around, it’s definitely time to have them in separate cribs, though.

Small Cribs Are The Optimal Solution For Twins

While double cribs exist, we don’t recommend them. They’re usually more expensive than having two smaller cribs, and what’s worse is that they’re like bunk beds, so the baby on the bottom is confined. The better option is two smaller cribs.

Before You Start, Measure Your Space

You need to take note of how much space you have for the cribs. Since you’ll likely be using a single room for your twins nursery, you’ll need two cribs that are small enough to fit.

One tip that can save you space is to plan on putting the cribs in an “L” shape in the corner of the room. This is often easier to pull off as opposed to lining them up side-by-side or end-to end.

In any case, measure and write down the dimensions of the room you’ll be working with. Also, remember that you’re going to need to fit other furniture in the room, too!

MomTricks Picks: Our Favorite Crib Solutions For Twins

Here are some of the best options we came up with for cribs!

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible CribThe dimensions of this crib are 42 H x 34.5 W x 54.5 L inches, so you’ll need about 5 3/4 ft of space to lay them out side by side. What’s nice about this crib is that it’s convertible; it has 4 adjustable mattress levels and can also convert to a toddler bed! The reason why we liked it so much is that it’s a great-quality crib, and saves a lot of money in the long run since you won’t need to buy two toddler beds, too.

The 4 conversion options are: crib, daybed, toddler bed and full-size bed (rails sold separately).

It’s a sturdy crib and looks really nice, too. It comes in 6 different colors, so you can find some that look nice in your nursery, or you can mix-and-match. Some people complain that the finish scratches easily, but you really shouldn’t have any problems. I don’t think it’s going to scratch up any more than a typical crib; these things happen.

At around ~$450 for two cribs, this is a pretty economical option for buying cribs for your twins.

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Space-Saving Option: DaVinci Emily Mini Crib

DaVinci-Emily-Mini-CribThis crib measures 39.5H x 28W x 37.9L inches, which is substantially smaller than the Kalani and most typical cribs. You can comfortably fit 2 of these side-by-side in 4 feet of space, or end-to-end in about 6.5 feet.

If you’re low on space, this is an excellent option! You will likely be able to fit two of these in your nursery, and they’re pretty affordable, too. They’re just as sturdy and nice-looking as the full-sized Kalani, but they take up a lot less space.

They come in the same colors, so there’s lots of variety to choose from

What’s great about this bed is that it converts to a twin bed when they outgrow their crib! This requires a separate conversion kit, but it’s really handy. This is a big reason why we like this crib, too. It’s nice to save money on things when you have twins, and being able to convert your crib to a bed is super handy!

At about ~$300 for two of these cribs, this is a really economical option!

Price Alert: As of [php]echo date(“l, M j, Y”);[/php], Amazon has the Divinci Kalani on sale with free shipping and FREE returns Click here to see it!
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