Baby Sprinkles: The Alternative To A Big Baby Shower

The perfect way to celebrate second (or third) time moms.

What do you think of when you hear the word “sprinkle? To me, it is such a fun word! It’s lively, it’s colorful, it’s playful and it means just a little bit“.

When I learned from a friend what a sprinkle was for an expectant mother, I just fell in love with the idea and title. It is not like your average large-scale baby shower. It’s a smaller celebration for moms who already have children; a way for close family and friends to show support and love for the new baby.

I was on a baby message board other day and happened to see a thread from an expectant mother of two older boys who is now expecting a baby girl.

She was reluctant to allow her sister to throw her the sprinkle she offered and was looking for feedback from others, asking if it came across as tacky.

She received nothing but positive feedback and encouragement to move forward with the sprinkle, as there was an age gap with her children and because she was having a girl this time.

There is nothing tacky about celebrating a new baby or having more than one sprinkle! Keep in mind that sprinkle gifts may not be as big since been-there-moms already have most of what they need. But you can still theme the party, make the mom and older sibling(s) feel special and just have fun with them!

Steps to sprinkle sweetness.

Invites and guest list.

You may want to discuss the colors and theme with the mom-to-be based on gender or depending on how she plans to decorate the new baby’s room. If she currently has a daughter and is expecting a son, the colors and invite theme will lead gift giving ideas in the right direction.

There are sites available to find cute Sprinkle invites on such as Vista Print and Zazzle. You’ll want to pick a date and time that works for the mom and her other child(ren). A registry is not always a must for the second or third child, but it does help inform buyers of what baby still needs, so feel free to add it to the invite. Be sure to read our guide on registries here!

An even easier route is to create an email invitation.

The mom-to-be may also not want to invite a ton of people, just those closest to her. Be sure to consider her opinion on the guest list.

Decor ideas, sprinkles everywhere!

I’m going to throw it out there from the beginning that Pinterest has so many cute ideas on how to embrace the sprinkle theme! I have gone there more and more to help find inspiration in making my parties special.

Just some of the things I saw on Pinterest were:

  • Cup rims lined with actual candy sprinkles.
  • Sprinkle themed cupcakes, cookies, pretzels sticks and cake pops.
  • Balloons filled with colorful dot-shaped cut outs or confetti.
  • Colorful dot-shaped banners and streamers.
  • Sprinkle themed table set up with complimentary, plates, cups, napkins and utensils.

Simple snacks.

Keep it simple. The Sprinkle may not be an all day event like a shower, maybe just a couple of hours of fun. You won’t need to plan out a filling lunch.

You can set out some smaller snacks, dips, and desserts for guests to munch on to keep it small and sweet. Another simple idea is a yogurt bar with toppings such as sprinkles, fruit, and granola.

In order to bring my food table together, I enjoy making a colorful drink in a glass drink dispenser with fresh fruit to coincide with my party theme. Cute cups and colorful straws or umbrellas add a nice touch.


  • Clothing is a great and usable gift for the new baby, especially if the mom-to-be is expecting a different gender.
  • Daily necessities like diapers, wipes, and creams are also great gifts. The family can never have too much of these.
  • Spoiling the mom-to-be with a spa day gift card is a nice touch. She can have a mini-break before all the newborn activities begin again.

Don’t forget the siblings!

I saw this idea on WhatToExpect and it tugged at my heart because a new baby coming into the home can be a cause for concern for the sibling(s). They might be feeling like they are being replaced or like the spotlight has shifted. According to What to Expect some ideas for them are as follows:

  • Give the older brother or sister a special job at the party like handing out name tags to guests.
  • Include their name(s) on the invitations.
  • Offer them a small gift like a big bro t-shirt or watch or big sis t-shirt or bracelet.
  • Have a game planned out for the older kids invited such as a onesie decorating contest (on paper). The best one wins a small prize.
  • If it’s summer time, encourage the kids to bring their swim suits and towels and set the sprinklers on in the yard for a fun time.

Keep the social activities to a minimum.

Games aren’t so much a necessity this time around but a cute sentiment like words of wisdom for the mom-to-be with a new gender can be fun. This is also a wonderful way to include the siblings and provide them with some helpful advice.

Another fun idea is a t-shirt decorating table set up for the expectant mother. Set out fabric paints, t-shirts or tanks and fun decor and let the guests get silly.

In conclusion, enjoy this celebration! It’s such a special time for the mom-to-be, siblings and guests.

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