How To Make Your Toddler’s Bath Time As Stress-Free As Possible

Bathing your baby is one thing, but there are a whole new set of challenges and surprises when it comes to bathing them when they’re a toddler.

Although it’s nothing to get worried over, there are a few things you should know about that will make the experience much easier, both for you and your child.

Schedule a bath time.

The first thing you should do is schedule a bathing time that you’ll follow regularly.

One of the challenges you’ll face is getting your child into the habit of bathing regularly, and having a schedule can definitely help a lot.

Most parents prefer to bathe their child in the morning, but other parents choose to do so at night as a way to help their child relax and be ready for bed.

It really comes down to personal preference for both you and your child: if you are too busy to do it in the mornings, or if your child prefers one time over an other, you can just go with whichever time works best.

Tips to keep bath time as safe as possible.

Safety should be your #1 priority when it comes to bathing your toddler.

Here are some rules to follow that will make sure your child stays safe.

Never Leave Your Child Unattended In/Near the Water

This should go without saying: from the moment you start filling the bath tub you should always make sure your child is supervised.

Toddlers can be very curious, and it’s very easy for them to fall into a filling tub face first even if you only look away for a moment.

When it comes to bath time, never leave your child alone even for a second.

Therefore, double check that you have everything with you that you might need, including toys, soaps, and towels, to make sure you won’t have to leave to go get something.

Test the Water Before Letting Your Child Get In

Just like when you bathed them as an infant, you should make sure that the water isn’t too hot.

First you should fill the bath with cold water, and then fill it with hot water to make it as warm as you need it.

Mix the water up to insure that there are no hot pockets of water, and test the water yourself first.

Keep All Electrical Appliances Out of Reach

You should take all electrical appliances, such as curling irons or radios, out of the area.

Again, toddlers can be very curious and having anything electrical around the bathtub is an extreme electrocution hazard.

Use Safety Items

Another hazard related to bath time is slipping and falling.

The solution to this is to purchase an anti-slip bathtub mat which you should be able to purchase at Wal-Mart or a similar store.

You should also invest in cushioned spout covers, as the bath tub faucet is something that your toddler can easily bump his or her head on.

Use Mild Soaps & Shampoos

Many soaps and shampoos designed for adults can be too harsh for a toddler’s sensitive skin.

And we can all probably appreciate how painful it is to get shampoo in our eyes; imagine how that would feel as a toddler!

Purchase specialized soaps and shampoos designed for toddlers which will be mild enough for their sensitive skin.

Remember to Have Fun!

By far the best way to make bath time easy is to make it fun! Get some fun bath toys and play with them with your toddler.

You can also sing bath time songs, talk to him or her, or just interact in any way you enjoy.

Bath time can be fun for both parent and child, and there’s no better way to make any activity easy than by making it enjoyable!

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