5 Excellent & Cheap Baby Bottles Moms Love!

Baby bottles are a great invention that makes feeding time so much easier! While not generally that expensive, many parents still want to save as much money as possible and search for cheap baby bottles, which is perfectly fine! Baby bottles need not be expensive, and you can get some great ones for budget prices if you know where to look.

We chose 5 great budget baby bottles that are high quality and budget-friendly. You don’t have to compromise on quality or put your baby’s health in jeopardy to save money on bottles! Please note that while there are some cheaper bottles than those listed, we felt that it’s better to pick some that are high quality but slightly more expensive.

Without further ado, here are our choices for the best cheap baby bottles!

1. Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottles

Cheap Baby BottlesPrice: $11.35 for 2 or $5.65 each

An excellent value, these inexpensive 9 oz plastic baby bottles are a great buy for the budget-minded parent. They’re certified BPA-free, so you know they’re safe, and they have a twin-valve system to make them anti-colic (which is awesome!) You’ll probably be happy to know that they’re manufactured in the UK, and not China like many baby bottles.

The wide, breast-shaped nipple makes it easy for babies to latch on, and the shape of the bottle is ergonomic, making it easy to hold in the hand. The bottles are easy to clean with a wide neck, too.

There’s no surprise that these are some of the best-selling and popular baby bottles available: they’re a great deal for the money!

2. Medela Breastmilk Bottles

medela breastmilk bottlesPrice: 5oz – $12.81 for 3 or $4.27 each / 8oz – $13.39 for 3 or $4.46 each

The Medela Breastmilk Bottles are plastic bottles that are compatible with Medela breast pumps; if you own one, this is a great benefit. Like the Philips bottles, these are also BPA free, and they’re also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

These bottles come with a travel cap, which is handy for bringing milk along with you on trips. Something a lot of parents like about these bottles is that the numbers are marked in dark lettering, making it really easy to read how much is inside.

Unlike the Philips bottles, however, these aren’t anti-colic, so you might want to think about that. Personally, I’d recommend going with the slightly more expensive Philips bottles unless you have a Medela breast pump and want the compatibility. Even still, these are good bottles for the price!

3. Cheap Glass Baby Bottles: Dr Brown’s 8-oz. Natural Flow

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Glass BottlesPrice: 5oz $14.19 for 3 or $4.73 each / 8oz – $19.42 or $6.47 each

For a glass option, Dr Brown’s make an excellent glass bottle that’s budget-friendly. We recommend these as the best baby bottles overall, so you can rest assured that they’re good.

They have a venting system that reduces the chances of colic, and the nipple system makes it very easy for babies to latch onto and use. They’re also easy to clean, especially with a good cleaning brush.

If you’re afraid of glass bottles breaking, you shouldn’t be; they’re made to be very sturdy and can sometimes even stand up to large falls off of the countertop.  They should stand up to being thrown on the ground, so don’t worry about that! They’re made in the USA, too.

The only downside to these bottles is that they have to be cleaned by hand daily; the anti-colic tube system needs careful cleaning or it can collect mildew.

In my opinion, it’s well worth spending a little extra to get cheap glass baby bottles; they’ll last a lot longer, you won’t have to worry about the plastics breaking down, and they tend to be easier to clean. Dr Brown’s are some of the best on the market, too.

4. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles (Plastic Version)

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Plastic BottlesPrice: $20 for 4 or $5 each for both 4oz and 8oz

The plastic version of Dr. Brown’s bottles are a more affordable option: you get 4 plastic bottles for the price of 3 glass ones. They’re just about as good as the glass versions with all of the same pros and cons.

If you want some great baby bottles and prefer plastic over glass, you can’t go wrong with these ones. Personally, we’d recommend going with the glass model, but these are almost as good and also BPA free. If you worry about glass bottles breaking, there’s no such worry with the plastic versions.

These are anti-colic bottles, so if your baby suffers from it (or you just want to make sure it doesn’t happen) these will do the trick.

5. Cheap Travel Baby Bottle: Thermos FOOGO Phases Stainless Steel Straw Bottle

Inexpensive Baby BottlesPrice: $13.49 each for 10oz

Rounding up our list is a travel baby bottle is the Thermos FOOGO, a stainless steel bottle. It’s more expensive than a standard bottle, but that can’t really be helped if you want a travel bottle.

It keeps milk or formula cold and safe for up to 10 hours, so it’s great for extended trips. It’s designed so that the exterior doesn’t develop condensation, too. It has a kid-proof design so it won’t break if it’s thrown or dropped. All of the plastic parts are BPA-free, too.

The bottle is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and the interior is made of stainless steel, so it’s totally safe. It’s also really easy to open and drink from, even for a young child! It uses a push-button design to open and the straw pops out, which functions like an anti-spill sippy cup.

There are some cheaper insulated bottles on the market, but beware: they are often made from plastics and really aren’t very good at all. This is an excellent bottle that you’re sure to love. Also, if you’re wondering if it fits in cup holders, you’ll be glad to know that it should fit in most.

It’s available in 5 different colors!

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