The Most Reliable Baby Monitor To Keep Twins Sleeping Safely

A Pair of Adorable Twins

So, you have twins! Congratulations! You might be wondering what the best solution is to watch them at night, and you do have some options. It depends on the sleeping arrangement, and whether or not you want a video monitor. No matter what your situation is, I have some recommendations.

For Twins Sleeping In The Same Room

If your twins are sleeping in the same room, and in close proximity, you can really get away with any single good monitor, even if you want one with video.

Motorola MBP36SMy favorite option for a video monitor in this scenario is the Motorola MBP36S (click here to check price). The reason is that it has a remote control that lets you tilt, pan and zoom the camera, so if you set it up properly, you can use the single camera to watch both of your twins. It also has night vision, so you can watch them at night, and the audio is crystal clear, so even if you don’t have the camera pointed in the right direction, you’ll still be able to hear them cry.

The monitor uses 2.4ghz wireless technology and boasts a range of 600 feet, so it should cover most house setups, even if your nursery is on a different floor. If you do take the parent unit out of range, it has an aural alert to let you know. It also alerts you when the battery is running low; it comes with a rechargeable battery, too.

The display is large and clear, and nice to look at. No real problems there. The video is nice and clear, although it sometimes gets a little choppy, but it doesn’t affect how well it works.

The MBP36S is an upgraded version of the MBP36, which came with a few improvements. Mainly, the audio and video are better, and the controls are now made with hard plastic instead of rubber, which used to eventually wear away on the old MBP36.

All in all, I really like this as a solution to watch twins who have cribs in close proximity. Highly recommended!

For Twins Sleeping in Different Room

Motorola MBP36S Extra CameraIf you’re using 2 rooms for your twins, you don’t have to have 2 different monitors. In fact, our solution above, the Motorola MBP36S can work in 2 different rooms: they sell extra cameras that hook into the system. It syncs up quickly, and then you can see both cameras at the same time on the same screen, either in split mode, or with the screen cycling between the two of them every x seconds.

Both of the cameras can pan, zoom and control the angle on both of the cameras, and both work just as well as it would with a single camera.

This is an excellent solution if you need to watch your twins in different rooms! Click here to see the second camera on Amazon.

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