5 Awesome Diaper Bags For Parents of Twins

The 5 Best Diaper Bags For Twins

Having twins makes it difficult enough to leave the house, but if you do, you’ll want a diaper bag to bring supplies with you. Diapers, wipes, snacks, extra clothes and wash cloths; these are all things you’ll want to have.

If you have twins, the most important thing when it comes to diaper bags is space. It’s hard enough to pack a bag for one child, let alone two. It doesn’t mean you have to have a big, ugly trash bag!

1. Skip Hop DUO Double

Skip Hop DUO Double

Designed for use on a double stroller, the Skip Hop DUO Double diaper bag ( click here to check price) is a great option.

However, don’t be mislead: it works on even single strollers! It comes in 3 designs, and it can also be worn as a messenger tote with the long strap that should accommodate even the tallest of parents.

There’s a reason why Skip Hop is found on a lot of baby registries; they make great products and their diaper bags are no exception.

The interior is super roomy and should be able to fit everything you need. As a bonus, the black version is subtle enough that even dad can use it without feeling awkward!

2. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared

Ju-Ju Be Be Prepared

With a roomy interior, the popular Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared (click here to check price) is not only very popular, but one of our picks for the best bags for twins! The bags are pretty fashionable, and come in a variety of nice designs.

It also comes with a changing pad, but it’s not that big. It works, though. It also has luggage feet on the bottom so when you need to place it on the ground to free up your hands (and you will) it’s not going to be completely touching the ground.

Machine washable and made with anti-microbial lining, this is a great bag!

3. TWELVElittle Carry Love Tote

TWELVElittle Carry Love Tote

A new bag designer, TWELVElittle (click here to check price) makes a great, roomy bag that’s subdued enough to work for dads, too.

These bags are chic and fashionable, but don’t skimp on function! Depending on how you want to use it, it can be used as a tote or worn across the front.

There’s even a hidden zipper at the bottom to keep items separate and clean. It’s simple, lightweight, looks nice and is roomy. What more could you ask for?

4. Baby Cargo Georgi
Baby Cargo Georgi

With brass holders to slide onto the handles of an umbrella stroller, the Baby Cargo Georgi (click here to check price)is a deceptively big bag that’s convenient and roomy inside.

You don’t have to use it like this; the detachable strap lets you use it as a tote bag, too.

It has a total of 13 pockets including the big inside part for diapers and clothes, so there’s no shortage of space.

It comes in a total of 4 colors, and my personal favorite is the red. Like many of these choices, the Georgi would work for dads, too!

5. timi & leslie Charlie

timi & leslie Charlietimi & leslie (click here to check price) are pros at making diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags. This is why they’re so popular with celebrities!

This is actually a 7-piece set, including a bottle tote to keep them cold, a zippered sack area to put soiled clothes, and a shoulder strap that’s also removable.

Coming in 9 different colors, these are the nicest bags on the list.

For a great, fashionable bag that doesn’t even look like a diaper bag, you can’t go wrong with any of timi & lesie’s bags. The only downside is that dad can’t exactly use them… but who cares!

What’s your favorite diaper bag? Do you have any experience with the ones we suggested? Let us know in the comments below!

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