Mom’s Guide 2018: The Absolute Best Non-Toxic & Safe Baby Wipes

Chemicals are everywhere. And that includes baby products.

If you’re like me, you decided to make the commitment to stick to natural, non-toxic baby products as much as possible. At it just so happens that it is possible, but you have to do your research.

Baby wipes are one of those products, and a lot of people don’t realize it.

Standard baby wipes contain some nasty chemicals you might want to avoid on yourself, let alone on your baby.

Things like parabens (a chemical preservative), fragrances (which can irritate baby’s sensitive skin), and a variety of other potentially nasty chemicals that you probably don’t want to rub all over your child.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best natural, safe and non-toxic baby wipes. You can be sure that these are all safe and vetted by me: a natural product junkie!

Best Natural Baby Wipes: Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Best Baby WipesSeventh Generation (click here to check price on Amazon) are some of the best all-natural baby wipes you can find!

Seventh Generation is known for their quality, safe baby products, and their wipes are no exception. These are excellent, natural and chemical-free baby wipes that are also very popular.

They’re made without bleach and don’t contain any fragrances, parabens, or other synthetic ingredients. Everything used in the production of them is natural!

For good natural and safe baby wipes, Earth’s Best are some of the best.

Best Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin: WaterWipes

Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive SkinYou don’t get much more natural than Waterwipes (click here to check price on Amazon); they’re literally made from 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

These are some great wipes if you want to be 100% sure that nothing dangerous is going to come into contact with your baby’s skin, and they’re also pretty good, too.

If your baby has sensitive skin, it doesn’t get much better than 99.9% water!

The reason they use grapefruit seed extract is that it acts as a natural preservative to inhibit mold growth. They’re durable and shouldn’t rip, and allergy-friendly (because they’re basically just water.)

I mean, how can you go wrong? They work, and they’re natural. If you don’t want to DIY it up, these are a great alternative.

Best Baby Wipes For Diaper Rash: WaterWipes

Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive SkinWipes themselves shouldn’t cause diaper rash; it’s usually the result of rubbing too briskyly while using them, removing the natural skin layers.

However, it’s possible that the ingredients in the wipes are making matters worse.

Again, I have to go with WaterWipes if your baby is prone to rashes. With 99.9% water and no chemicals, there’s no way these are going to make the rash any worse.

Best Cheap Baby Wipes: Pampers Sensitive Wipes

Cheap Baby WipesIf saving money is the name of the game, Pampers Sensitive Wipes (click here to check price on Amazon) should fit the bill. They come out to roughly 2 cents/each, which is pretty darn cheap.

They’re also the most popular wipes on Amazon, so they’re not bad by any means, In fact, they have over 1000 reviews and maintain a 4.5/5 rating by parents.

They don’t contain fragrance, so they aren’t stinky like some of the other Pampers wipes. They’re nice and wet and durable; they shouldn’t rip and should clean well.

They aren’t natural like the other suggestions here, but since those are all 3-4x as expensive as these, they can’t be recommended if saving money is your goal. But I’d strongly recommend going with the above natural ones if you can afford it.

Can You Flush Baby Wipes?

Unless a brand of wipes specifically states that they can be flushed, you should not flush them down the toilet. Flushable wipes are meant to break down and not clog the toilet, and if you flush non-flushables you’re going to end up with a plumber call soon.

What About a Wipe Warmer?

You might want to consider getting a wipe warmer. They’re simple and inexpensive, and instead of having to wipe your baby’s bottom with an ice cold wipe, you can do so with a nicely warmed one. How nice is that?

Be sure to read my guide on wipe warmers if you’re interested!

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