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11 Simple Tricks To Combat Morning Sickness

Jennifer Taylor

Pregnancy can be an amazing time. But morning sickness? Not so much. It can be downright awful to deal with. The term “morning sickness” can be a bit misleading, because some moms experience it all day or in the evenings, not just in the morning. Unfortunately, there’s almost no way to avoid it, but there are a few things you can do to make it more tolerable or help prevent it.

11 simple tricks to combat morning sickness


1. Have a Carbonated Drink

Bubbly drinks are something that helps ease the discomfort of morning sickness for many women. Go for non-caffeinated drinks like Sprite, Ginger Ale, 7up, Fanta, Tropicana-Twister and Sierra-Mist. Be sure to sip slowly or use a straw; drinking too quickly will make you gassy and fill you up quick. A great no-calorie option is sparkling water!

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2. Try Lemon Water

Lemons can be a great remedy for morning sickness. Just squeeze a lemon into water, mix, and drink! You might be surprised at how well it works!

3. Get Some Fresh Air

If you’re stuffed up in the house all day, getting some fresh air can do wonders. Take a short walk outside, or even just sit on the front porch for a while. Even just opening a window or turning on the air conditioning can help!

4. Have Some Ginger (Tea!)

If you feel the queasiness kicking on, suck on a ginger candy or have some ginger tea: it’s a well-known natural nausea remedy that can work wonders. A great ginger candy is Tummydrops which you can check out here!

5. Try an Anti-Nausea Pressure Band

While these might sound like snake oil to some people, they can really work! These bands are worn tightly around the wrist, and target a pressure point that relieves nausea. They don’t work for everyone, but they’re cheap enough that they’re well worth trying as a medication-free morning sickness remedy. We recommend Sea Bands, which is the brand a lot of moms like. You can check them out here!

6. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep (and Nap During The Day)

Sometimes nausea occurs simply because you need to get some rest. Try to make sure to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. If you’re feeling queasy during the day, even a short 15 minute power nap can make a world of difference when you feel the sickness creeping in.

7. Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

Instead of eating big meals, try eating smaller meals and snacks frequently throughout the day. Morning sickness is often the worst when your stomach is empty, so if you always have something in it, it can help. High-protein & high-carb snacks are the best option: almonds, pretzels, bread, crackers, etc. High-fat & greasy foods can make nausea even worse, so choose your meals carefully.

8. Eat a Snack as Soon As You Wake Up

Going along with #7, having some bedside snacks to munch on as soon as you wake up in the morning can be an excellent idea. Eating a few almonds or crackers (slowly!) in the morning can go a long way toward fighting nausea.

8. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Make sure to stay well hydrated throughout the day! We’d recommend keeping a glass of water with you at all times, sipping throughout the day. Being dehydrated can definitely cause nausea.

9. Identify Which Smells Aggravate It (Then Avoid Them!)

For pregnant moms, some smells can instantly set off their nausea. If you can identify which smells do it for you, try to avoid them. A good tactic is to try to cook and sleep in a well-ventilated area.

10. Prenatal Vitamins Can Do The Trick

Check with your doctor about taking prenatal vitamins. Not only are these great for your baby, but they can also help fight morning sickness. There are also several over the counter varieties that you might want to consider. I have a full guide on those, too!

Do you have any great morning sickness remedies that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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  • Alex Lanea
    September 24, 2015

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. My wife is pregnant with our second child and her pregnancies have been very difficult. I hadn’t heard of using ginger to help try to fight the nausea. I will make sure to get some for her to try.

    • MomTricks Jen
      MomTricks Jen
      September 30, 2015

      Alex, I’m very sure it will make a difference. They both sure did a world of wonders for my nausea, and for a lot of people I recommended it to.

  • Patti Osterberg
    January 6, 2016

    Thank you for the tips on treating nausea during pregnancy! I’ve been getting nauseous throughout the day, not just the morning, so I’ll have to try some of these remedies out. A pressure band is an interesting idea. Do you have any information on how these work?

  • Karen tiffany
    June 2, 2016

    Redrasberry leaves. Boil the water separate then add the leaves and steep for twenty mins. This is from “Back To Eden” by Jethro Kloss. Not the great-grandson, but the original Jethro Kloss. Excellent book for any and all types of “green medicine”.


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