The 5 Best Swaddle Blankets To Keep Baby Safe, Comfy & Warm

Advice from a swaddling superfan.
I’m basically a swaddling superfan.

There’s something almost magical about how well it soothes babies, and sometimes it makes the difference between them being able to sleep or not.

If you figure out how to do it properly (and it’s not that hard) you’re going to be simply amazed at how well it works.

If you plan on swaddling then you’re making one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life as a new mommy, trust me. Welcome to the secret inner circle!

Now, in order to maximize your swaddling benefit, you’re going to need the best swaddle blankets you can find. Not all swaddling blankets are created equal, and some are just way better than others.

My Favorite Swaddle Blankets

There are a bunch of different swaddle blankets out there.

But guess what? Some of them are WAY better than others!

Here are my 5 favorites!

1. Miracle Blanket (They Don’t Call Them This For Nothing)

Best Swaddle Blankets - Miracle Blanket

Babies can be a little crazy, right?

To me, these look like little baby straitjackets, but the truth is that they love them, and they’re super nice.

They’re called the Miracle Blanket (click here to check price on Amazon), and they’re designed for little wigglers who get out of their blankets.

This is the perfect solution; it has a foot pouch that’s snug and comfy but almost impossible to kick out of, and arm flaps for securing baby’s arms.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot nicer and comfy than I probably made it sound. They don’t call this the miracle blanket for nothing. It’s like a gift from the baby gods.

I’m not sure what it is about the Miracle Blanket that babies love so much, and according to the manufacturers, they don’t even know either. They think it has something to do with the combination of snug swaddling and slight abdominal pressure that really soothes babies. Whatever it is, it works!

What I really love about the Miracle Blanket is that it’s super easy to use; if you’re intimidated by the concept of swaddling, there’s no reason to me with this one.

On the downside, there seems to be only one size of Miracle Blanket, and it doesn’t really double as an actual blanket, so yes, your baby is unfortunately going to outgrow it in a few months. But it’s really, really worth it. What a glorious few months those will be.

2. HALO SleepSack

Halo Sleepsack

The HALO SleepSack (See the 100% cotton version of Amazon by clicking here or see the fleece version here.) is similar to the Miracle Blanket in that it functions more as a sleep sack (hence the name) but still soothes the same way a swaddle blanket does.

It’s also 100% cotton or available in microfleece, and comes in two sizes for both newborns and slightly older babies.

This sack uses velcro straps, which admittedly are sometimes easy for baby Houdini to escape from, but for the most part it should keep them secure.

It also uses a zip-up design, making it very easy to use. It can be used as either a swaddler with the arms in, or a sleep sack with the arms out.

The HALSO SleepSack comes in both cotton and microfleece (polyester, basically). The cotton version is lighter and more suitable for warmer months as it’s more breathable, and the microfleece version is heavier and warmer, making it better for cooler months.

Either way, both versions are really nice.

3. Woombie (Mimics the Feeling of the Womb… Clever Name, Right?)


The Woombie (click here to check price on Amazon) is a newer swaddle blanket on the market meant to mimic the feeling of the womb.

If you look at the picture, you can see that it’s pretty tight, but that’s the point of swaddling!

You can use it as a simple sleep sack or in swaddle mode, and it works a lot like the HALO Sleepsack with a 2-way zip-up enclosure. The zipper makes it easy to do mid-night diaper changes, too. It’s super simple to use; it’s parent-proof: you just zip it up and snap it. That’s it!

The design is good and tight, but not super tight. There is no extra material, so it’s not going to bunch up and be unsafe.

The Woombie is available in 4 sizes, from newborn up to 25 pounds, so you can get exactly the size you need. The material is fairly stretchy, so it will last for a while as they grow, too. The material used is 95% cotton, so it’s pretty breathable and comfy.

It’s also machine washable, which is basically a dealbreaker if it isn’t.

All in all, these aren’t my favorite swaddle blankets, but they’re still pretty darn good.

4. Summer Infant SwaddleMe

Summer Infant SwaddleMe

Another 100% cotton swaddle blanket, the SwaddleMe (click here to check price on Amazon) is a pretty popular one.

These use velcro straps to secure, which you may or may not like. A particularly determined baby might be able to wiggle their way out, which doesn’t happen as much with non-velcro swaddle sacks like the Miracle Blanket.

They aren’t thick, meaning they aren’t exactly the best swaddle blankets for colder weather, but they are nice if you live in a warmer climate.

The cotton material is soft and nice, and shouldn’t shrink too much in the wash.

Something that’s kind of a bummer about the SwaddleMe is that some parents complain that the sizing isn’t always consistent; sometimes they run bigger or smaller than the label suggests.

There are 2 sizes: Small/Medium and Large, I’d recommend not ripping the labels off before trying them out; if the size seems off, just return/exchange them for something else.

5. Aden + Anais Classic Muslin (The Biggest, Comfiest Blankets)

Aden + Anais

You may have heard of Aden + Anais (click here to check price on Amazon). their blankets are some of the most popular, and they really are awesome.

They make a lighter style which is good for most babies, but if you live in a colder climate, you might want to opt for the heavier style blankets; these are definitely the best swaddle blankets for winter!

They’re really nice, big blankets (almost 4 feet wide and square), which also makes them great for older babies, and they’re super soft, too.

They’re 100% cotton and they’re really breathable with an open weave to prevent overheating but still keep them warm. It’s really, really nice!

The blankets are really cute, too. They come in a bunch of different colors and designs, and they come in a variety 4-pack of different but similar designs. Of course, they’re machine washable and you should tumble dry them. Being cotton, they’re fairly durable, but it’s possible they’ll shrink a tiny bit, but not much.

Being such nice, big and soft blankets, they’re good for purposes other than just swaddling. I also like them for being out and about in the stroller or car seat, and they’re nice for nursing or tummy time. Some of the finest swaddle blankets you’ll find!

Wrapping It Up (Like a Swaddle Blanket… Get It?)

What are your favorite swaddle blankets? Let me know in the comments below!

(photo credit: regallager)
  1. Swaddling blankets were so helpful in comforting and soothing my LO to sleep! Currently he has outgrown the swaddle and we use sleep sacks. My little guy loves his soft-fleeced Zipadee-Zip and he averages an extra 2 hours of sleep.

    1. Sleep sacks are great too! The Zipadee-Zip was on Shark Tank, wasn’t it? I’ve never tried one but they seem nice!

  2. I have a teeny baby, under 6 pounds. Anyone know which of these may work best for a tiny one who wants a tight swaddle?

  3. Can you please suggest which swaddle I should if my baby is born in January which will be winter but we are based in california so its not very bad winter?

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