Why Incredibly Dangerous Amber Teething Necklaces Should Be Banned

The newest and cutest baby strangulation device.

They’re the latest craze in the crunchy mama circles.

You may have heard of them: magical necklaces that are supposed to relieve teething pain and make it all-around a more tolerable experience.

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen posted a photo to her Instagram showing her son wearing a teething necklace, generating a storm of comments and attention.

Gisele Bündchen

Do they work? Let me get that out of the way first: no, they don’t work.

And worse than that, they’re dangerous.

Let me get one thing clear: I’m not here to judge. If you feel that these necklaces make a difference and you use them safely and supervise at all times, then go right ahead.

I get that moms want to keep everything as natural as possible, and I’m with you there. I recommend only natural bug sprays and sun blocks, and I’m a huge proponent of making your own baby food and using cloth diapers.

But I just don’t think that Baltic amber teething necklaces are a solution. Or a good idea.

They don’t do anything.

First things first: there are absolutely no studies that prove that these necklaces do anything at all. They’re not supported by modern science.

The way they’re supposed to work is by the Succinic Acid contained in the amber. When placed against the skin, the acid is supposed to be absorbed into the blood stream, giving a natural pain killing effect.

Sounds good, right? Much better than feeding them toxins like Tylenol or other medications.

But does that make any sense at all?

Here are the facts:

  • Baltic amber does contain succinic acid.
  • There is no scientific evidence to prove that it has any sort of analgesic effect.
  • Ironically, succinic acid is classified as a skin irritant.
  • There is no scientific evidence that amber can release succinic acid by skin contact.
  • There is also no evidence that succinic acid can be transmitted through the skin.
  • Even if it could, the concentration of the acid in the small beads of a teething necklace would be ridiculously small.

They’re dangerous.

A child has died because of these necklaces.

Deacon Morin

I am so saddened to tell you that a little boy has died because of his amber teething necklace.

On October 5th, 2016, Deacon Morin, an 18-month-old toddler was dropped off at preschool with his amber teething necklace. During his naptime, he was strangled to death by the teething necklace he was wearing.

He was rushed to the hospital and put on life support, but it was already too late.

Please help me spread the word about how awful these necklaces are!

Another close call.

Amber Teething Necklaces Are Dangerous

I came across this news article about a toddler, Ellie. She was found by her mom, sound asleep, and she’d somehow managed to get her arm up through the necklace, twisting it into a figure-8 against her neck.

Ellie was fine, but if the necklace was positioned slightly different, she could have easily choked to death.

This is no joke.

In 2010, Health Canada, the country’s federal department of public health, issued a warning about these necklaces, citing the risk of strangulation.

They recommend not using jewelery of any type, including teething necklaces, on a child under 3 years of age.

Just recently, in 2015, Ireland warned against the use of amber teething necklaces, again citing the risk of choking and strangulation. It’s hard to find information on it, but judging by the warning, they’re being removed from sale completely.

Looking for studies on these necklaces on MEDLINE and PUBMED turned up only one result, a survey taken in southern France of 48 families who used these teething necklaces.

CONCLUSION: Putting necklaces on young children is dangerous. This risk must be diffused by all professionals working with small children in order to stop any publicity or sale of this ineffective product implicated in infant deaths by strangulation.

Unfortunately, many of the families in the study who were informed of the strangulation hazard preferred to continue to use them because of their irrational fear of seeing their child in distress. This is the same kind of irrational fear that causes parents to avoid vaccinations, opening them up to diseases that were all but wiped out hundreds of years ago.

But that’s another article for another time.

“But the beads are individually tied.”

I’ve seen some moms use the argument that because the beads are individually tied, even if the necklace breaks, only one bead will fall off.

Which is generally true.

But even a single bead is a choking hazard. All it takes is a single small object to cause a child to choke to death. Choking is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 3.

Why do people believe they work?

Let me just say that I don’t blame people for giving their children amber teething necklaces.

They make you feel like you’re doing something as a parent to help your cranky teething child. You’re not just sitting there listening to them cry, but you’ve bought something (that wasn’t exactly cheap) and put it around their neck.

Not only that, but if you look online for information on these necklaces, you’ll be bombarded by claims of the amazing healing and analgesic properties of Baltic amber, citing its centuries of use.

The ancient people must have been onto something, right?

The thing is, our understanding of the world back then was hilariously inaccurate. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t so long ago that people believed the world was flat.

People used to also believe that the positions of the moon and stars had an effect on the inner workings of the human body. By the late 1500s, European physicians were required by law to calculate the location of the moon before performing surgery.

Amber teething necklaces also appeal because they’re natural. Amber is natural, so it’s preferable to use over Aspirin or topical teething gels.

Let me be clear: I don’t condone using drugs to treat teething pains, and no medical professional would recommend it either.

But I think it’s ridiculous to assert that all man-made chemical medications are dangerous, but anything natural is perfectly fine.

I do find it slightly odd that modern parents will bend over backwards to avoid GMOs and pesticides, eat only all-natural foods and use only organic baby clothing and mattresses, but are perfectly fine with using a necklace that supposedly delivers a constant stream of natural chemical into their child’s bloodstream.

Maybe it’s just me.

Alternatives to amber teething necklaces.

It’s awful seeing your child suffer because of teething. But teething necklaces aren’t the solution.

Here are some alternatives that can help your child deal with this troubling (but important!) milestone:

  • Teething toys can be a great outlet for the need to chew and gnaw that teething children have. I’ve written a guide on 5 great teething toys that a lot of parents love. They’re safe!
  • You can also rub your baby’s gums with a (clean) finger; this can help relieve some of the discomfort.
  • A cold spoon, washcloth or teething ring can help, too. Just don’t make it TOO cold, which can be dangerous.
  • If they’re on solids, offering hard foods like carrots or cucumbers can be an outlet for the gnawing, too. Just be careful and watch out for small pieces that might break off.
  • Cold water in a bottle or sippy cup can be a nice relief, too.
  • Keep a soft cloth nearby to dry the drool. There’s going to be a LOT of drool, and it can quickly cause irritation if you don’t wipe it up constantly.

More reading on teething necklaces (if I didn’t convince you yet)

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  3. Dr. Weil: Are Amber Teething Necklaces Worthwhile?
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  1. I use one on my daughter and it does work, as for the above picture, that particular necklace is extremely long, the one I have there would be no way to get an arm through. The necklace I use on my daughter is short and you can probably only put 2 MAYBE 3 fingers in. The length in the pic and article is the problem. Make sure the necklace is short and you shouldn’t have any worries.

    1. I’m not here to judge, so if it works for you, that’s great. But I still don’t think having a necklace on your young child is safe no matter how long it is.

      Accidents do happen. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

      But again, I’m not here to tell parents what to do. Just keep an eye on them.

      1. You can put it around their ankle or wrist and its actuallu advised that you do when they are Sleeping. These things arent dangerous, in fact they work wonders. It doesnt have to be around the babies neck to work Properly, so banning these things arent necessary… we just need to be moms and do what we think is best; if that means using it on the ankle rather than as a necklace, so be it.

    2. I was thinking the same regarding the length. But people should know better then leaving these teething necklaces on any baby while sleeping which is a big no no.

    3. I agree that they work! Proper fit is the key. If a child can be strangl by the necklace, it is waaaaay too big!

  2. I think you’re being very opinionated- which kudos because you can on your own site- but not giving safe information. Your alternative? Number one on your teething list is Sophie the giraffe which has a choking risk!

    I used an amber necklace with my daughter; we put it around her ankle and only when she had footed Jammie’s on.

    To say that people who choose to try something are silly and old fashioned- referencing 1500’s moon measuring- really made me feel like you weren’t presenting facts but was a scorned shopper.

  3. You had me until your line about vaccinations. Please don’t claim to have done lots of research and read scientific articles but then make a claim like vaccinations save tons of lives. Most of the diseases our country vaccinates against were declining or eradicated before vaccines came out, and the toxins in vaccines are worse to a baby’s body than the disease itself.

    1. Jess, I respect your opinion, but I am firmly for vaccinations and I believe not vaccinating our kids is not only dangerous, but dangerous for other kids they’ll be around.

      1. If your kid is vaccinated, an unvaccinated kid shouldn’t be a problem. My daughter is highly against vacs and after reading what ingredients go into them, I don’t blame her. How cone there are so many kids with autism and other health conditions? A lot more so than 20 years ago. Our government is corrupt, along with big pharma, ins cos and the medical field. If your kids are happy and healthy, it can’t make money off of them. What has changed over the past 30 years where so many people have so meant medical problems? Cancer would be something you would hear about someone having maybe once in a blue moon. Now it seems like every family has a member who has one kind of cancer or another. Vacs should be a choice, not required by the government. Anything required by the govt that has to do with your health or the health of your children should be questioned.

        1. Just because one child is vaccinated, it doesn’t mean that it is safe from non-vaxed children. Vaccines only work if everyone is vaccinated. It works from a group immunity, not individual immunity.

          You should really get your kid vaccinated, before it gets sick, or gets someone else sick.

          1. That’s not exactly accurate. Of course vaccinations work on an individual! I had them as a child when most kids didn’t get anything but polio and smallpox. And when measles, mumps or rubella went around my school I didn’t get them. The herd immunity to which you refer is to protect the small percentage of people on whom the vaccine doesn’t work, people who have conditions that contraindicated vaccines, and also an effort to eradicate the disease the way smallpox has been.

        2. No wonder your daughter is an idiot considering she has you for a mother. You hear of these conditions more often now because we have a name for them, in your day autism was misdiagnosed as many different ailments, and often the mother was blamed for not being affectionate enough (see refrigerator mothers). Cancer rates are rising because we’re living longer. The older you get, the greater your risk of developing cancer.
          You should thank your lucky stars the rest of us are responsible and smart enough to get our kids vaccinated. Yours are protected through herd immunity. If we all thought like you, we’d still have polio.

          1. Why the name calling? Let mothers do as they please. There is always a reason why we do Or feel the way we do. My cousin wEnt In to get his vaccines as a toddler and liter never walked again. He is wheel bound and doctors sAy theres no way it coild be a vaccine… without even a hesitation. Theres No scientiFic basis or evidence that something like that couldnt occur Yet they are 100% “certain” and will tell everyone else its 100% safe too. Just let moms use their own experiemces and knowledge and stop bashing eachother and calling people idiots. Why do people believe things like this is absolute or black and white. Theres alot of grey area and room for error since theyre developed by humans and tested on a very very small Group of people before being released to the public (just like medications) if i feel like i shouldnt Vaccinate my child a certain vaccine or any vaccine, thqts mu decision as a parent… how is it that abortion is ok (legal and widely accepted) but im a bad Person if i keep mY child and then choose not to vaccinate her? I dont critisize anyone else for VACCINATING. Just stop with the name calling.

        3. That’s like saying people who can drive should be able to avoid being hit by people who can’t drive. An unvaccinated child is a health risk to babies too young to vaccinate and to children who are in the process of receiving a series of vaccinations over a period of time until the full benefit/immunity is attained. Adults not current on whooping cough vaccinations are serious health risks to babies who can easily die from exposure to whooping cough. There are lots of kids with autism as there are lots of children with Down Syndrome and a myriad of other issues but current research does not support claims that vaccinations cause autism.

          1. Babies are vaccinated from day one… not sure who these babies are who are at risk because they cant be vaccinated yet. AlSo, vaccine immunization onky last 1-10 years then you are no longer “protected” its not a life long immunity. So sit down.

      2. Have healthy happy a 18 month old go from playing and happy to limp and blue on my husband’s lap because she haveing a seizure from a vaccine she had got a day ago.

      3. I vaccinate some but I was a little taken a back by your comment about “hundreds of years” vaccines have not been around long. And thrre are vaccines like the chicken pox that I dont believe should be a thing. I have a neice who had an injury from it as well.

    2. Are you f’ing kidding me! Perhaps you should accompany a parent who’s child is suffering from pertussis or measles who is too young to have the vaccine. See for yourself the damage and suffering these diseases bring.

      Vaccines don’t cause disease,they eradicate them.

      Not vaccinating your child is not only a danger to them but also to others.

    3. Jess you are sadly mistaken. I’m not sure where you are getting your info but it is false. Vaccinations have saved millions of lives and if you choose to not believe it, please feel free to move to a 3rd world country that doesn’t have access to them . You will never hear a mother from Africa complaining that her child was given the vaccines that are so readily available to out spoiled kids. So tired of this generations uneducated “first world” complaints. NONE of them were eradicated and FEW were on the decline.

    4. Your comment regarding vaccinations is silly. It made me laugh. I know it may be hard for you to grasp, but people still die from diseases which vaccines exist for. I feel badly for your children.
      Modern medicine. Google it.

    5. Preach it Jess!!!!! Finally, a mom who has done her research and stopped just assuming doctors know best!

    6. Just like autism, cancer went undiagnosed in the past. Many tombstones in the passes said ” died from bleeding”.

    7. My sentiments exactly!! I am severely vaccine injured and have witnessed so many children in my moms groups either die or become extremely ill after vaccination. I have spent hundreds of hours reading scientific studies regarding the efficacy and potential risks associated with vaccines. The science demonstrates that not only do they not work well at all but they cause severe auto immune and neurological disorders in a huge number of children. I suffered for years after the DTaP when I was a child. I had migraines so severe I would blackout, developed eczema, had gut issues, had vision loss, and became chronically ill. In fact children who have been vaccinated can and do spread the pathogens they’ve been injected with to others because they become asymptomatic carriers. You should do some actual research! I urge all parents to take the time to read some studies and the actual vaccine inserts themselves. The risk of injury is real and is very common.

  4. I wouldn’t compare vaccinations to this. That is ridiculous! As a health care provider I can tell you that not all parents decide not to vaccinate because of fear, fear is what causes you not to jump off a building. Some of us realize that there are no long studies what so even on vaccines AND that vaccines did not wipe out diseases, sanitation did. Look up the real statistics (not the CDC or the FDA ones of course), diseases declined way before vaccines were invented. There is no proof to say they are good or bad, the longer study published is for two years and it is not even finished, look up section 13.1 on vaccines documents and you will realized they have not been tested against morbidities or really anything. I think your comparison is incoherent and confusing.

    1. So maybe I’m confused….Polio was wiped out before the polio vaccine? Is history incorrect? Please tell me what stats you are referring to. My mother had whooping cough as an infant and was left with a serious heart defect because of it….her little brother died from lockjaw. What do YOU think would have happened if they had had the opportunity at the time to vaccinate and they had both been vaccinated. Sadly, they did not have that option. What say you mom of one?

      1. I’m guessing an alternative healthcare provider.

        And although polio was not wiped out before vaccines, it was also not the nationwide epidemic most of us believe. There were epidemics, but they were in pockets geographically and intermittent. The talk, though, is mostly about the ones in places like NY, where parents were so frightened they isolated their children indoors for months at a time.

        Still, I’m grateful for that vaccine. Not so sure about chicken pox, or even the vast numbers given today to very young babies. There is more than meets the eye and frankly I don’t think either the ‘all vaccines, all the time, no risk’ or the ‘it’s poison, don’t go near them’ camp are correct.

  5. YIKES! I used an amber necklace on all 3 of my boys, and it was an immediate difference within 24 hours. It was not very long around their necks, and every night and naptime I transferred it to their ankle. It worked so awesome that I ordered one for myself for my neck pain and it’s been making a big difference also. Just because the government is warning against it doesn’t make it bad. Think for yourself.

    1. Dara, like I said, I’m not here to judge. I personally don’t believe they’re safe (or that they’re anything more than a placebo). But I do believe that placebos work and have their place, so if they work for you, that’s great.

      1. Actually you are here to judge. Can you maybe write an article about how what other moms chose to do with their babies is none of your business? You are irresponsibly throwing this opinion out with barely any facts to back it, in an effort to sell a book. Shame on you, and all the moms that plaster this on message boards bullying other moms into feeling scared or bad about their choice to use one. YOU are setting the example that moms should go around telling other moms what they are doing wrong.

        1. Are you serious? This is her site. People come here for her opinions. YOU are the irresponsible one for using an amber necklace. This is not a news outlet, she has no need to be non bias. This is a blog. She may not be here to judge, but I am. Wake up! I am sure you don’t support vaccines either. Because somehow you think you are smarter than a flippin scientist.

          1. Exactly right Mora, I am really concerned about these amber necklaces, it stated that there has already been a death, if that’s ok with these people, I question their ability to raise a child…

        2. I think she’s pretty responsibly throwing out an article outlining the risks. But proudly ignorant folk like yourself will always find something to complain about.

      2. You have to be kidding or very miss informed because the cancer rate for people between the ages of 50 to 65 have tripled in the last decade and that is the truth…..your opinion on the amber necklaces are about as right as the one on vaccines…lol

  6. There are so many things that are considered “hazards” these days because… you just never know! I’ve even heard of sweatshirts being hazardous because the ties could cause choking. Let’s just all live in bubbles, shall we? You can take something that’s supposed to be practical and useful – say, a high chair – but suddenly it turns into a “hazard” when the child isn’t being watched or it tips over or yadda yadda yadda.

    I’ve had an amber teething necklace on my daughter since she was a baby, and she is currently 2 1/2. When she was asleep, we would tuck it into her pjs or snap it between two snaps, and she NEVER had a problem with it. In fact, she didn’t even realize it was there! I also feel like it helped her, but that’s just me. I agree with one of the other comments, the necklace isn’t supposed to be very long. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one again.

    I think it’s good to provide awareness about accidents that can happen, so thanks for that. I won’t get started on vaccines… :)

  7. Those pictures from that article of the little girl with a necklace wrapped around her arm have been debunked, and that necklace shown in the pictures is…
    1) Way too long based off the information I provide for a safe fit. You should only be able to fit 2 finger spaces between the child’s neck and the necklace itself.

    2) Is not an amber necklace at all, no amber looks like that, and if it was marked as an amber necklace then it certainly came from China because that is NOT amber.

    3) There is no possible way for a child to get there arm that far through a necklace of that length no matter how hard they tried because they have an elbow.

    4) There is no research saying it works because pharmaceutical companies won’t pay for research for natural remedies that is why anything considered to be alternative medicine or holistic comes with a warning that it is not FDA approved.

    5) All amber necklaces that are made of real amber and certified as such will come with a safety clasp that prevents the necklace from becoming a strangulation device, They happen to break rather easily and some parents get upset because they have to buy a new one after baby yanked it once. That is also why I offer the pop out clasps that will easily pop apart and back together so no need for a new purchase if the safety feature is activated.

    6) It is never to be worn during sleeping hours or while a child is left unattended, so that parent clearly was using it improperly for this to happen to her child. With improper use anything can become dangerous.

    Not everyone believes in amber and that is ok I am not hear to change minds, but I am here to debunk false articles and information about the safety of amber. There has never been a case of anyone being harmed or dying from an amber necklace. These have been used for centuries in Europe successfully and still are to present date.

    Here is a video giving a good demonstration of why that article about the baby having it wrapped around her arm at night was bunk and how impossible it would be for that child to have that necklace wrap around her arm like that while “sleeping.”


  8. The 1st thing I noticed is the necklace in the picture was much too large.
    It was likely an adult size. Both l & all of my friends/family (10-12 of them) have absolutely loved their baltic amber teething necklaces. The difference was noticed within 1 day.
    I did hear that the “raw” amber is slightly more effective over the “polished” kind.

    Most of the Autism cases I’ve dealt with were a direct result of vaccines, usually occurring within days/weeks of getting vaccines. Any health care provider would deny that, It’s difficult because it could cost them their career, but it’s even more difficult on the parents who have a lifetime of issues ahead of them. I am grateful
    we can choose which vaccines to get since not all of them are potentially harmful.
    I’ve also noticed my friends/family who raised their children without vaccines had
    an amazing track record of immaculate health, it’s been great to witness. Not sure if directly related, they also did all natural & organic everything else so who knows…

    1. How many cases of autism have you worked with? Autism is not caused by vaccinations! Holy cow what planet do you live on? Do you only read false studies from 15 years ago? Wow

    2. Your anecdotal evidence is so much more believable than years of scientific research! Can you explain to me how it is there are only two unvaccinated children in my family and one suffers from severe autism and the other behavioural problems and learning difficulties? Everyone else in my family is perfectly healthy and very long lived despite their toxic vaccinations, it’s been great to witness.

      1. You do know that your example is also anecdotal, right? If a person gave a reverse example, that wouldn’t be proof that vaccines cause these disorders either.

        There are so many different causes for such disorders. Autism, in particular, is thought to be not really one disorder but many. It’s a conglomeration of symptoms over a varied spectrum. Because these symptoms overlap they have been lumped under ‘autism spectrum disorder’, but as science learns more even scientists know that will change.

        There is, in at least some cases, clearly a genetic link. But it’s not yet known whether the gene, if present, is then expressed, or whether an undetermined environmental trigger sets it off. Juvenile diabetes is an example- it is present genetically but appears to be triggered by a virus.

  9. I found this article very interesting, my friend swears by the amber necklace on her 6month old…like many commenters are saying, the one she uses is very short…not like in the images. I was looking online for reports on it before getting one for my daughter (due in 3 weeks!) I have to say, i’m not convinced for or against now! haha I DO believe in vaccinations, but don’t think that has anything to do with this topic really…but I understand your reference to it in article. The placebo effect you mention is an interesting one, because a baby doesn’t know why it would be wearing the necklace so i assume you mean the placebo effect would be for the parents..if the baby stops crying when wearing it, or in my friends case stops drooling drastically, is that really a placebo effect? I am still at a loss of what to do…I may get one in the end, but i agree the choking factor causes me a few more concerns than the potential teething pains. Good post though! Got me thinking :)

    1. Sarah, I really appreciate the mature and nice response! :)

      The placebo effect is exactly like you thought, but there’s more to it: since the baby puts the necklace on and stops crying, the parents believe it’s working. But there really is a placebo effect for the baby, too!

      If you do decide to get one, then more power to you! I’m not here to judge or tell people what to do. As long as you inform yourself of the facts and risks, you’re doing exactly the right thing, and that makes me a happy mama. :)

  10. MomTricksJen you are entirely correct, on all counts. Unfortunately, there is no arguing with the pseudo armchair scientists. No much how much scientific studies and common sense you cite, they will continue to believe in junk science. The placebo effect is strong with this bunch!

    “Pseudoscience relies heavily on subjective validation.
    Joe Blow puts jello on his head and his headache goes away. To pseudoscience, this means jello cures headaches. To science this means nothing, since no experiment was done. Many things were going on when Joe Blow’s headache went away—the moon was full, a bird flew overhead, the window was open, Joe had on his red shirt, etc.—and his headache would have gone away eventually in any case, no matter what. A controlled experiment would put many people suffering from headaches in identical circumstances, except for the presence or absence of the remedy it is desired to test, and compare the results which would then have some chance of being meaningful. Many people think there must be something to astrology because a newspaper horoscope describes them perfectly. But close examination would reveal that the description is general enough to cover virtually everyone. This phenomenon, called subjective validation, is one of the foundations of popular support for pseudoscience.”

  11. You Say constantly on this post you aren’t here to judge but the way you have written this post is like a JUDGE.

    Luckly I’m not a fan of yours so no harm done.

    Oh and these amber necklaces worked on our 2 boys. We ensured the correct fitting..
    mahh Ive had enough on this shit site

    Contribute to humanity! Don’t go thrashing and Glorifying the Grubs.

  12. I loved your article!! It’s funny seeing people try and argue their point after you made it clear you were not judging. We decided not to do placenta encapsulation (for multiple reasons I won’t get into), and it was really irritating when other moms would try and argue their reasons for choosing to do so and try and convince us it was the right thing to do.
    I was considering ordering a necklace but my pediatrician did not recommend it and reading your thoughts solidified our decision not to bother.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being so mature about it.

  13. Love this post. It’s hilarious to me, that so many people that think vaccines are toxic (Omg the CHEMIKILLZ!) use an amber necklace on their children. Your child’s body temperature would have to be greater than 300° to even release any of the succinic acid. Not only that, but there is zero regulation. None. So, say they did work, your child is having an unknown amount of a potential analgesic absorbed into their bodies, and you are ok with that? Right.

    Lisa, if you are truly a healthcare provider, you are contributing to the fear mongering against vaccination. There are hundreds of thousands of studies done proving their efficacy and safety. From around the world. From multiple organizations. Public and private. You may be in the wrong career. Healthcare is evidence based. If you cannot understand or believe the overwhelming evidence Strongly in favor of vaccines, do everyone a favor, and find a new job.

    1. By healthcare provider, she probably means she runs some reiki sessions in her spare room. At least I hope that’s what she means, I can’t imagine someone so ignorant treating actual patients!

  14. The reason I arrived on this site…..my daughter pulled one of these necklaces out and was putting it on my granddaughter. I could not believe what I was seeing. Why would anyone in their right mind put anything around a babies neck. Call me old fashioned or judgemental, I really don’t care. Anyone who would put anything around a babies neck is missing more than a few brain cells.

    1. Some people are missing the point “of safety” to this article. The manufacturers are producing these necklaces in all sizes, l o n g and short, different colors, appealing to the eye, pink blue etc. enter uninformed consumers whether they be moms, grams friend, unknown to them the choking danger, whether it be from beads coming off ( we all know about manufacturerers defects, right) or placing the beads at side of crib rail, or chair where the child can easily place it around the neck,move to get up, or fall and then choke. Some of these necklaces stretch also adding to the danger. Another point..many people underestimate a child’s strength, so they can easily pull on a short one to the point of breaking it and choking on beads. Another problem, many parents leave their children with loving baby sitters, grandparents, aunts uncles friends, who don’t have knowledge or experience about safety such as this or allowing child to chew on toys that contain movable parts such as batteries, bottle caps, walnuts. Yes that’s right bottle caps or dried pasta. Some people just don’t think……it only takes a second or two.. It’s not even a blink of an eye for something to happen. Is it worth the risk ? What happened to the teething rings you freeze? Moms your babies depend on you. Just because it turned out okay for some , doesn’t mean it’s totally safe. That applies to all small objects, dangling items, cords, storing chemicals etc. be aware of what you use for your babies. SAFETY FIRST!

    2. You’re not being old-fashioned or judgemental, you’re being exactly as your username suggests – sensible! When did common sense fall out of fashion?

  15. ” No, I don’t vaccinate my child, ” said no third world country mother ever. Why do people think so many of their people and kids die on a daily basis? Do they lack proper nutrients and clean water? Yes. They also die of diseases, which we vaccinate for here in America.

  16. I raised 3 children. One with disabilities. I am going to tell you beautiful young moms a statement of fact. Young children sooth themselves by sucking their fingers, and other coping skills we all develop to deal with discomfort. We can assist teething pain with a little rub on the gums and ibuprofen (pain reliever – effective and helpful) to get them through the discomfort when they are distressed. However, putting necklaces on children – around their necks, arms, ankles, legs is putting your precious and priceless baby at immense risk. It is a choking hazzard. It is a strangulation hazzard. Besides those perilous concerns – we DON’T want them relying on artificial things to sooth them when uncomfortable. They learn to sooth themselves. This is a good thing. It gives them confidence and skills to be able to cope with a problem and find a solution. We teach our children good and bad habits to “cope”. Always well -intentioned, we can interfere with them building healthy strategies to handle themselves. Necklaces can catch on a stroller, car set buckle, or crib hook and your child could be strangled. Their arms, ankles, legs should not have anything tight around them. To ensure the ankle adornment stays on – it has to be snug. That is just a super bad idea. Toy manufacturers do not give us what we need – they give us what we want. They create a need – and then they fill it. Such are teething necklaces. Please resist the temptation to buy into these items. Babies can cope without them. Thanks for allow me to share my thoughts.

  17. Though I’m not sure on the thought process of it being a placebo effect on the baby as that was not explained at all I thoroughly 100% agree on the choking and strangulation hazard. I think there is for sure some relief given by these necklaces but will be hard to convince it’s a magic cure and any better than any of our other methods such as teethers or *gasp* pain reliever. If hard pressed, there are many natural remedies (frozen breastmilk in a bottle nipple or mesh nipple for example) to offer relief that doesn’t come with any hazards whatsoever. Why risk it?

    Also, though not relevant in this topic- vaccines not only protect our children but other children (and adults) who are immune compromised who can’t get vaccines. Herd immunity is 100% a thing, and our responsibility.

  18. You had me until you spilled your ignorance when you compared GMOs and pesticides to natural chemicals…

  19. We do this, who know if it really helps. She has been fussier when its not on for hours. But ours has a snappy thing that comes off pretty easily. We’ll lose it before she chokes.

    But 1) people use amber necklaces probably in the same way you make baby food and cloth diapers. It’s just something that makes you feel better even though there are other easier reasonable options. 2) To dismiss “ancient peoples” understanding of the world seems a little arrogant. Chinese and Indian medicine is built on valid ancient beliefs and I’d much rather be doing preventative care than be sliced up like deli meet by a surgeon.

    And natural chemicals are everywhere… even organic stuff.

  20. for one this is strictly an opinion, not facts and two everyone should mind their own business on what people do with their kids because we’re all doing the best we can and three if you don’t want people jumping down your throat maybe you should consider going over the pros and cons of the necklace and vaccinations. all your accomplishing is pissing other moms off, people will still do as they see fit. I for one am not against using a necklace for teething, and I vaccinate my kids and myself but do not think any less of people who are against vaccines! my kids can play with unvaccinated children because I am comfortable with my choice to vaccinate and I feel I have done my part to protect my child. people should quit being so judgy and trying to push their OPINIONS as facts.

  21. THANK YOU! I am so sick of seeing these dangerous things on children. Also YES VACCINATE YOUR KIDS! LISTEN TO SCIENCE YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN A SCIENTIST! Do you also think the Illuminati is real…?

    1. Note I vaccinate… This is the most riddiculous comment on this tread by far! Do you think that Big Pharma has your best interests at heart? That’s why we have patents that cure Aids, and cancer just to name two! Do you think that these scientist have your best interests at heart? That they are not out to make a money. If so you are a sheep, and what is wrong with society these days! The Illuminati comment just takes the cake! Are you even educated on the actually topic of the necklaces? Or did you see a platform to simply complain?

  22. Thank you for your article. I, too, found it odd that parents would place a necklace on a young child for ANY reason! As a parent of 5 and now a grandmother, I have seen many child trends come and go. We used to lay children on their tummys to sleep, especially colicky babies, because they would sleep much better. Now we know that that can cause SIDS, so even though it works its not worth the possible risk. I think I’ll stick to the other teething relief options.

    1. I wouldn’t put anything around my little boy’s neck (he wouldn’t let me anyway) and as for SIDS my little boy Would Not sleep on his back and slept on his Tummy from 3 weeks old and even at 18 months he turns on to his Tummy to sleep every night. I’ve tried turning him over but he wakes up and screams.

      Just because 1 or 2 babies died with bumpers on the cot or on their tummy doesn’t mean all of them will.
      It is apparently to do with the toxins in the mattresses as to why several babies have died.

  23. Idiot. You just said there’s no studies claiming that amber necklaces work. And then you cite ONE study to say they’re dangerous and that’s your evidence! Idiot.

  24. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/04/03/aluminum-vaccine-health-effects.aspx?utm_source=wnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20160414Z1&et_cid=DM102862&et_rid=1441418254

    Article with plenty of studies and expert testimony linking the harm Aluminum does to our natural immune system. Also, it’s interesting that the above posters are citing the TDaP (Tetanus diphtheria acellular pertussis) vaccine as one that has saved millions of lives. This particular vaccine is one of the most controversial right now. With the recent outbreaks in California, the classes of children most affected were ALL fully vaccinated. I am a pediatric provider and while not anti-vaccine, believe that parents should make this very important decision for themselves and should really educate themselves on each vaccine, possible side effects, and the history of each disease the vaccine helps lessen (you can’t really say prevents anymore bec the CDC is finding they aren’t as effective as once thought). I urge all of you with strong opinions in either direction to read The Vaccine Book. It breaks down each vaccines history. Side effects, safety, efficacy and ingredients. With Amber necklaces, this is also a personal choice. I urge each of you to look at the risks and benefits and always use them with supervision or around an ankle for sleeping. It has made a huge difference with my daughter and I tried taking it off her last night to experiment, and she woke multiple times screaming in pain. Placebo effect or not, at least it was helping. Also FYI, the placebo effect is something without any medicinal or chemical properties is given and it causes a reduction in symptoms. Isn’t teething pain the symptom we are trying to control? So if it is controlled via placebo effect, does it really matter as long as the pain is controlled?

  25. Regarding the Amber necklace it does work better than teething toys and other mess alone. Also I know medical doctors who prescribe the Amber necklaces to patients and they do not usually sell them themselves so it’s not for profit. They’ve actually advocated them for certain pains even after surgeries to replace the need for pain medicines.
    (I am not a dr. But I thought the necklaces were not possibly effective and some adults explained that they had been told to use them and when they did over time they noticed a big difference.

  26. To Trish:

    Obviously you never had children to which ibuprofen, Tylenol, cold items, teething toys, etc… Did almost no good. It was not an earache, cold, gas, but the reason he was constantly crying and awake every hour at night due to teething, per doctors checkups. So I tried the necklace and like others place around neck when I watch and ankle under footed clothes when I’m not watching close. Within 24 hours there was finally relief. It’s not a miracle worker but the change was so significant every few weeks I would go without it and by the next day or 48 hours he would be back to crying all day, biting everything, giving him safe medicine, to no avail. A baby does not need to go through this kind of pain. Especially when he’s pulling at his ears and such so much I get him checked for ear infections and once again the dr says nothing is amiss it’s clearly teething pain. And once again I place it back on and by 24-48 hours a significant relief hits the baby. Since he doesn’t chew or touch the necklace with his hands I can’t possibly see how it hinders him learning to self soothe. If adults have a bad toothache I doubt they’d go too long “self soothing” before getting some help with pain.
    Oh also his bad stools and rashes from urine due to teething also go away everytime.

  27. I’ve heard many positive things about the amber necklace. Just orders one today, I planned on keeping it on her ankle since anything around her neck worries me. Thank you to the moms who have shared your experiences with this product. I am eager to see some relief for my baby girl.

  28. Absolutely everything is dangerous these days. And there’s not always evidence to state whether something is one way or the other. I am telling you from experience that I was skeptical in the beginning but the necklace I put on my daughter absolutely helped her. And when I questioned it, I took the necklace off and soon realized that it needed to go right back on! As long as it is the right size and comes with a certificate of authenticity, I suggest these to every mama I know. So why would someone with no experience at all be writing a blog about how they’re dangerous? There’s no scientific evidence to give me the answer

    1. I’m confused why people keep complaining there is no scientific evidence it’s dangerous when common sense should say if there is not scientific evidence it’s safe, DON’T ADVOCATE IT’S SAFETY.

  29. This is a beautiful well researched article that explains carefully what the problems are and the lack of any known mechanism by which they would work – and the lack of any study or evidence to show that they do work, plus potential dangers with their use. Despite this and the attempt of the author to remain calm and friendly people are attacking her not the actual argument. The lack of common sense I see in some of these comments is astounding, thank you for trying to help provide people with real informaiton.

  30. What a joke of an article! The one “scientific article” you managed to dig up is a perfect example of horribly biased “research” and poor use of the scientific method. Any scientific resalearch that starts with a blatant bias in its abstract….is not sciencr. You site no statistics of children being harmed by these necklaces. You found some pictures of a baby who wasn’t wearing the proper sized necklace. You dismiss the wisdom and knowledge of our ancient ancestors and use faulty anologies. All you have done in this article is show how judgmental and ignorant you are.

  31. Scenario: Your infant, wearing a necklace, is walking a few steps while you let it grasp your fingers. The infant’s grip fails as it faulters in it’s next step, and it falls. Just before it hits the nice soft carpet, it’s necklace catches in the toe of daddy’s foot, or some ornamental metalwork on your coffee table leg, or the edge of it’s own big pull toy, or the corner of your audio system tweeter, or one of a million other things, and at that moment the necklace is jerked into the infant’s larynx, crushing it, and closing the infant’s airway. In a couple minutes, while there is absolutely nothing you can do, your infant is dead. Can’t happen, and hundreds is other scenarios can’t happen, you say, well you are wrong, and it appears to me that many parents are willing to bet your children’s life on it. Really???

  32. Your “safe” alternative of Sophie the Giraffe is not a good one. Look up the story of the little girl that got the giraffe head/neck stuck in her throat.
    I also believe the necklace works when used properly! The babies should not be sleeping with them on and the company I bought mine from stated that. A lot of babies die from carseat related accidents so lets get rid of those too (I will go ahead and keep using that too.)

  33. I know the mom of Baby Deacon who tragically passed away and your information is completely WRONG!! His daycare is blaming the necklace to hide what truly happened. This is being investigated and the truth will come out… It was not the necklace. PLEASE EDIT YOUR POST TO CORRECT THE STATEMENT. You can have whatever opinions you want but do not spread lies.

  34. Why are there no studies on Amber teething necklaces? Because pharma can’t make money off of them. That’s the only thing my daughter uses.
    And just as a fact, that’s one baby dieing from Amber teething necklace, which is currently investigated and not even for sure yet, and everybody gets outraged. But are you aware that children die daily because of vaccines? How can a unvaccinated person get your vaccinated kid sick, when that kid doesn’t even have the disease? I hope that you are aware that vaccines like DTap, chicken pox, MMR, among others are live virus vaccines. So when your child gets it, it can not only get sick himself but he can also infect others for 6 weeks. So it’s most likely your vaccinated kid spreading the disease. But that aside, why do unvaccinated kids not die when they get a disease bit vaccinated ones do?

  35. I could not agree more with DBLRGIRL. Having also read 7 or 8 anti vaccine memes on facebook, I too can confidently reject hundreds of years of peer reviewed “studies” on vaccines. Name me one time an unvaccinated child ever died from a preventable disease or ever got a vaccinated person sick….exactly, you cant! Dont even get us started on the myth that millions of unvaccinated children in 3rd world countries die every year. That is just Big Pharma trying to steal your money and make you cry during the fly faced children commercials! Not on our watch! Furthermore, you people need to keep your contagious vaccinated children away from our unvaccinated daughters, herd immunity, more like herd instant death! If you sheep want to go ahead and believe these so call “doctors”, with so called 20 years of “experience,” and 15 year “medical degrees,” than be our guests and enjoy that Autism for us. I will ask mother Gaia to pray a thousand blessings on all of your children souls, but I think we all know you will just put that in a syringe and shoot it up into their tiny little baby arms.

    1. Lmao, morning starchild…. Girl. How about the 17 unvaccinated children who have died from measles since the beginning of this year?! Oh right, according to you anti-vaxxers that’s obviously a media lie.

      1. yyyeaaaaaaahh about that, did you even research beyond what your zombie tv told you about those cases? how many of those cases are among american born children? and were they vaccinated already? please dont leave your home, don’t go to church, dont do anything because you and your family will be infected by anything and everything under the sun! FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR mongering idiots…if you even had your own brains….where would the world be?

  36. Well, this doesn’t come as a news since there are so many dangerous devices mums use with their babies. And the fact remains that many people will still go on to use these teething necklaces. Most people are driven by the unknown. Let’s just hope most will see this article and avoid using the necklace.

  37. I understand your perspective and appreciate the information. Just a suggestion- be kind in your writings. I’m a clinician and also practice holistic remedies. When offering my opinions regarding treatment that aren’t backed my scientific evidence, I simply state the facts. I feel the person appears less credible if the delivery is harsh…just a suggestion.
    Thank you.

  38. This is ridiculous!
    A child died because it was strangled by a necklace?? Sorry but that is on the stupid parent or guardian who let them sleep with it on and not the makers of the necklace who always seem to gwt the blame.
    Oh and you pathetic people saying that Vaccines cause Autism Hahah Stupid people. Explain this then
    My Mum and Dad chose not to have me Vaccinated and I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers- a form of Autism. I chose to Vaccinate my little boy and he is fine and IS NOT Autistic.
    Carry on infecting others but my child won’t be one.
    I hope one of your children are born autistic and prove you wrong. As I have found it may be seen as a disability but can also be a super power. Don’t you know Einstein was Autistic and some of the best minds are.

  39. Why do people always go to products when their children die or are injured. Rather than admit that their bad parenting killed the child it is always “oh that necklace is bad and it killed my baby”
    NO you hurt the child by stupidly letting it wear the necklace in bed. I personally would not put anything around my little boy’s neck but if you do and they work well for your child then watch him/her and don’t leave them alone with it. BE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT.

  40. Why in the world would anyone put around a baby or toddler’s neck? Goggle these necklace for deaths, you will find out that there has been babies die from wearing..
    That to me is definitely your sign for keeping your baby safe. JUST DON’T CHANCE YOUR CHILD LIFE…

  41. I wonder if Rain Man’s parents had him vaccinated…or let him wear a little teeth hurting necklace?? I think if we knew the answer to that, it would totally solve this ongoing aruement between Pro-Vac’s and Anti Vac’s. Then I would take him and JJ to a casino and see who’s REALLY the genius. Or is JJ really Rain Man? Oh geez I may need to put on my Baltic Ave Ivory teething necklace and go get a Rubella vaccination to figure this one out.

  42. Amber necklaces are safe if you don’t let them be too long and if they are removed during sleeping times.

  43. Please change the picture. Pictures are worth 1000 words, right? The one above this article shows an extremely dangerous use, for sure. The necklace should be fitted around the neck, with just enough slack for comfort without pressure but not enough to get even a hand through it. I also take a nonjudgmental approach to these in my daycare, but when a child wore one just a little loose and was able to put it in her mouth I immediately made a little knot (not tugged) to shorten it.

    Perhaps show that photo with an X through it and another photo of one correctly fitted?

  44. These necklaces are dangerous, PERIOD. Why anyone would use something like this with ZERO scientific evidence that they work is beyond me. The placebo effect that is spoken of only effects the parents, not the child. Parent’s have been duped.

  45. wow lady, you are a joke. what a machine robot you are. conform, respect authority!! you are a sheep. and this is one of the lamest blogs I have ever seen or read. Find another passion because you are misleading and misinforming people and failing miserably at blogging…it is nice to have opinions isnt it?

  46. Honestly I did a research on the necklace and it says to wear all day and at night double wrap on the ankle….. maybe parents should start reading instructions so they don’t experience this….. I’m a first time mom and I make sure I read EVERYTHING. EITHER WAY reading instructions or not everyone should know you shouldn’t let your child sleep with anything around them. So you can’t blame the necklaces.
    But my condolences to the little boys parents.

  47. This is YOUR opinion on an amber necklace! Stop writing articles trying to sway others from doing it just because you don’t like them. It clearly states when getting one that if you are going to be away from your child for even a few seconds take it off. You aren’t supposed to put them to bed with it on. So moral of the story they’re safe and fine just watch your kid!

  48. The Baltic amber seems to work well for my 7 month old. I thought a necklace seemed a little dangerous when I was considering the purchase, so I went with the anklet instead. Solved both problems without a fuss.

  49. You’re such an unhappy person lol. You always look for the negative in everything. Honestly, they do work. I’ve seen them work. Watch your kids. Don’t let them sleep in them. It’s not rocket science. You sound salty that you didn’t find them when your kids were babies or maybe you can’t afford one because your blog doesn’t make you enough money. Sit down Debbie downer. Let moms do their jobs.

  50. I think that you clearly were smoking something yourself before writing your article. Like any other product on the market, whether scientifically proven to work or not, baltic amber must be used responsibly, hence removed when the child is asleep or not under adult supervision. That is why baltic amber bracelets are available as well. Do some research and see how many adults have killed their kids because they overdosed them on promethazine to relax or calm THEM. Show me evidence that know fatalities were reported on scientifically proven analgesics like paracetamol or ibuprofen. Just like you caution parents to be careful when allowing kids to gnaw on carrots for teething, so does baltic amber beads stress the importance for responsible usage.

  51. my baby boy has just started teething, and after reading about amber necklaces / bracelets /anklets, i decided to buy an anklet to see if it would make a difference, as teething toys, teething gel and paracetamol have not worked – he is normally a calm and happy baby, but for the past 4 days he has been mega grumpy – shouting in pain, and not being interested in eating or playing.

    A few things in response to what others have said:
    – Government safety guidelines are implemented because people fail to abide by common sense. The Best examples are putting warning lables on peanuts to say that the packet contains nuts, or on disposable coffee cups to say that the drink is hot – no, really?! But unfortunately, people who have injured themselves using such products have sued the manufacturers, which has led to legislation requiring mandatory labelling – other safety warnings have come about for similar reasons. So safety guidelines and labels are really there for ‘stupid’ people in order to prevent lawsuits, and as a public policy ploy to ‘educate’ the public; however, this does not mean that something that has a warning label is inherently dangerous – would you stop buying coffee just because it’s hot and might spill? probably not…
    – Parenting is a very fraught topic with everyone having an opinion, and safety guidelines changing all the time. As people have mentioned, it was previously recommended that babies be slept on their fronts, as it is more snuggly for them, would prevent the flattening of the back of their heads, and also apparently helps with trapped wind and colic. However, it is now viewed as a safety hazzard, so parents are told to sleep their babies on their fronts. Overall, you should do what you feel is right and abide by common sense – for example, I tried using a cot bumper when my baby was moved into his cot bed in his own room, to help with the transition from moses basket (closed sides) to the cot bed (open sides with rails). However, because I could not properly attach the cot bumper to the bed (it could be moved away from the sides), i had to remove it, because baby kept rolling into it and sticking his arms and legs through the bars anyway. Therefore – assess the situation in light of the changed circumstances, and adapt your approach. However, don’t blame others for making ‘dangerous’ products – this is just an abdication of responsibility if you fail to use the product correctly.
    – As others have said, anything can become dangerous; equally, most things can be safe, if used properly, with supervision and with common sense. I guess not all parents want to take the risk / responsibility that something may be misused, so they would rather avoid it all together – that is completely fine and that is a parenting choice that they have made. However, other parents are willing to accept the risk, in which case they have also made a parenting choice. Unfortunately, parents sometimes misjude the dangers, which is why accidents (and sometimes deaths) happen – sadly, these isolated incidents are usually overhyped by bloggers and the media, and make parents think that the danger is commonplace. For example, in the above article, only one case of death has been reported – however, it is not reported why the accident happened (were the nursery staff not made aware that the child was wearing a neckless / it should have been taken off prior to bedtime; did the nursery staff not check the sleeping children frequently (contrary to what hollywood would make you believe, it takes about 3 minutes to suffocate to death); did the parent negligently buy a necklace that was too long; etc.) so we should not jump to generalisations that all necklaces are unsafe – necklaces are only unsafe in certain circumstances.

    As to whether or not amber actually works… Who knows? People who have tried it seem to swear by it, whereas people who are skeptical (and have not tried it) try to convince others that it is a hoax. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please don’t use your opinion (which is an opinion – not a fact) to shame or scare people into doing or not doing something; especially if you do not have any factual evidence (as opposed to ‘fake’ evidence – the foundation for the entire anti-vaccinne movement has been debunked as scientifically inaccurate, so there is no data which backs up the claim that vaccines cause autism) to back up your stance. Admittedly, science has confirmed a lot of things, but equally, not everything has been scientifically tested. However, if amber does ‘work’ (whether because there is actually something in it that aleviates symptoms), or whether because of a placebo effect, or whatever, shouldn’t we just be happy that it works and leave it at that?

  52. It’s ironic that there are a bunch of amber teething bracelets advertised at the bottom of this article. Perhaps it’s my computer?

  53. The only thing you said that was wrong is the flat earth bit. Humans knew the earth was round since Ancient Greek times. The flat earth movement is a very recent phenomenon.

  54. I guess I just can’t understand. the lack of research that has gone into this post is as lacking as the research that the parents who have had issues with the necklaces. I do not judge the author personally, nor the parents..but rather the spirit of ignorance. I stumbled upon this very article doing my own due diligence deciding if an amber teething necklace was right for me and my daughter. while I am still in the searching, one thing is for certain – this post as shown me that the many of the cons are *directly* linked to consumers full -l-a-c-k- of product research and direction following. this goes with everything in life.

  55. This necklace works great! I Believe its Either the Daycares fault or the parents Fault for not warning the daycare ChildRen are not supposed to sleep with these on, iT specifically states when You buy the necklace. That is so terrible!! So again its not the necklace that killed him it was lack of supervision & directions.

  56. If you read the instructions i coear they say NEVER let your child slee in them and ALWAYS superv thrm.

    I hate to say the death was due to ignora on the childca provider. The other was aN unimform mother.

    Read. Be SAFE. Take care of your baby and always watch when they wEar thEse!
    And yes they DO WORK.

  57. I didn’t even know this was mainstream. I thought it was just something people around the baltic coast like Poland, Germany, Sweden, etc. do.

  58. I find it strange that you refer to a parent’s fear of seeing there child in distress as “Irrational” in an article that is written entirely about an irrational fear of a child choking to death. Surely one case of a child tragically passing away can’t rationally be used as justification for advising the entire world to not use the product associated with that event.

  59. This article is just the opinion of one person without knowledge in the spiritual area, not everything need to be accepted by medicine… I work with tons of stones and they actually work, is ancient knowledge, first you need to inform yourself cause this article take a judgement since the BEGINNING, is like be free but I think bla bla bluf bluf. In tons of countries they use stones and not doctors for everything and they are perfectly fine, they are even more connected than you lady…

  60. Dangerous? How about posting fact? These teething necklaces work great, however they do come with instructions…. Never leave anything around your child’s neck “unattended”! The necklace was not responsible for baby deacon’s death. negligent daycare workers were. in fact, if you posted the full truth then you’d have posted that “Three” daycare providers were arrested for deacon’s death. http://ktla.com/2016/11/08/3-arrested-in-connection-with-18-month-olds-death-at-fontana-day-care/ ….. then updated for two charged.. http://abc7.com/2-fontana-day-care-workers-arrested-in-2016-toddler-death/2745451/

  61. Type or paste your text here to convert casewow, this was way over the top. If that necklace really did kill that child, it was too long to begin with and should have been removed from the neck before he went to sleep. Cars can be dangerous too, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take babies in cars. It means we should take safety precautions like properly installing a great carseat, buckling the child in correctly, and then driving as safely as possible. Likewise, parents who want to use amber necklaces can take proper precautions such as using the right size necklace and removing it before the child is put to bed or unattended for any reason. If the necklace is snug (but not tight) against the neck it is very unlikely to get caught on anything.

    As for the necklaces efficacy, i’m not really sure. There are a lot of positive testimonials i’ve found from people who have used them. Ive seen literally no negative reviews so far in my research. Every single naysayer i’ve come across, hasn’t actually tried them! In addition to teething relief in babies, many adults claim to have found great relief from a myriad of different ailments, while using these necklaces. Placebo effect or not, if it works that’s all that matters.

    I dont currently have a baby (my kiddos are older) but i’m hoping to have one more someday. I think ill try an amber necklace for myself, first, and see if it relieves any of my own aches and pains. I have regular headaches, sore throats, and a thyroid disorder. Those are some of the things that baltic amber is said to help. If it does work for me i’ll probably consider using it in the event that i have another baby, but only under careful supervision. If it doesn’t work for me, maybe then ill just write it off. Who knows. Since i’m not even pregnant yet i still have a lot of time to research and weigh my options.

  62. First off every one of those poor babies that died or got ingured was not do to the product being bad you can clearly see warning against laying children down for sleep while wearing this and yet somehow the daycare that the little boy died in lays a little boy down and that’s how he died cuz he was wearing his teething necklace and little girl same deal look up your info before you post it

  63. Sigh, what would motherhood be without fear mongering…
    Honestly, wearing shirt, or sleeping with a blanket, or gosh anything at all s presents as much of a hazard as these necklaces. I wish we would all stop looking for things to be afraid of and then trying to infect everyone else with those irrational fears.
    I have eleven children, and I can say with 100% confidence that these absolutely do work! I have done TONS of teething, and the difference with these and without them is profound. These are so much safer than the Tylenol or other pain killers many moms resort to, there’s really no comparison.
    Motherhood can and should be joyful. Mothers should seek to relieve their babies’ discomfort. These are a fantastic tool to help them do just that. And I PROMISE, motherhood is much, much more joyful when we aren’t gripped by fear and worried about every possible imagined danger.

  64. If Pediatricians are recommending them then they must have some effect. The moms that buy them say they work. One worked for my plantar fasciitis. Make sure you buy one with the pull apart clasp.

  65. Wow this is a ton of misinformation. Moms – please research FACTS and don’t listen to morons like this blogger!

  66. I dont think you should say something doesn’t work until you have actually tried it…my daughter is teething right now. I’ve gone 2 days without the beads and she has had trouble sleeping and cried with so much pain… 10 minutes with the beads on and she has calmed down and is drifting off to sleep. Funny how they “dont” work. Just because we can prove it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t work… if that’s how the world worked then we would all still think the world is flat.

  67. This is THE most ridiculous, poorly worded, uninformed article I have ever read.

    That being said, Amber necklaces work, but are very dangerous. There are much safer tactics to try first.

  68. I will try it just to see if it works or not. I’ll be sure to report back, but thanks for the article. I’m going to constantly watch my baby so long as she has the necklace on and take it off when I’m busy. When I’m busy I’ll just use teething toys. Also, hooray for vaccines!

  69. The way I see it is like this, the internet is full of crap……. But it’s also full of so many helpful things. So your a mom researching autism and you read 50 different articles citing a specific cause, then you read 50 more articles citing a different cause. How do you decide which one to follow. Let me argue for those for vaccines. You are researching vaccines and you have the experience of a family member becoming gravely I’ll or dying from the lack of one. First of all, according to human nature, your going to pay more attention to the articles for than against. The same goes for those against, who has had someone die from a vaccination. Based on personal experience, due to years of my own research, there’s just as many articles on studies done on the pros and cons of vaccinations. So much so, that I got so turned around for a long time trying to figure out what to do. Doctors are a great resource for the health and wellbeing of your family, however don’t take their word as law. They get their knowledge from medical school, where the curriculum is designed essentially to include research done by hundreds, if not thousands of scientists, who are just as susceptible to greed as the rest of us. Scientists are human too. They have more knowledge then me true, but all humans are flawed, the intelligent ones included. Now I listen to what my doctors say, and ask them advice about my children, but I always take anything anyone says is fact with a grain of salt. We live in an information age where information is freely given and easily susceptible to alteration to fit ones ideal or goal. As to this particular article. There are good points and bad points. On that note, it does feel extremely judgmental, but that’s the blogger’s prerogative. A second flaw is in the 2nd article posted. Several people have noticed that it doesn’t seem quite right. I’m just going to say a couple things, first, take care that the articles you post or read for that matter, are currently dated and it has all the correct facts (information age remember), and second no one should ever assume that just because there’s no research into something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Ask any doctor you like and most will agree that you won’t find much research into natural medication because there’s no money in it. Also don’t disrespect the many trillions of people that lived and died before you throughout history. They were smarter than you think. Just because they didn’t have modern medicine, doesn’t mean they weren’t knowledgable about what they did have. There are many examples of people throughout history that haven’t just survived, but thrived despite the lack of modern life. Much of what we do today is actually incredibly backward compared to the way people lived throughout history. For example, we go to gyms to stay fit and go through all this hassle to diet, when the majority of folks 200 years ago or more stayed active and ate healthy as part of their natural lifestyle. Just because they weren’t modern, doesn’t mean they were ignorant. That’s my spiel. There’s a lot of fuel for both arguments. We are all adults here and we need to treat each other with respect, that includes when stating our opinions. If you read this, thanks for suffering through my thoughts, if you didn’t, well, it’s no skin off my back.

  70. I am Lithuanian, and amber (gintaras) is a very important part of our culture. But in my many decades I have never heard anyone – Lithuanian or otherwise – talk about Amber teething necklaces. Lithuania as a country has been around for over 1,000 years, and has a strong cultural identity. So how come it’s never come up?

    The idea that Amber can soothe teething pain is preposterous. I’ve never heard such nonsense.

    Sure, your child is quieter with the necklace – but can you prove it’s BECAUSE of it?

    Cherish amber for its beauty. But don’t endanger your child’s life with this kind of necklace.

  71. Amen. Love your blog, love this post. This is my opinion, not yours, but these things are ridiculous and, also, make babies look douchey little pot smoking beach bums. Sorry, but they do. Also, to the anti-vaxxers in these comments… oy. I don’t worry about my vaccinated child. That’s why I vaccinated him. I worry about you killing your kid and then my baby who is too young to get certain vaccines. I worry about you killing my elderly parents, kids with cancer, and other people more susceptible to disease. But by all means, use your magic beads…

  72. Currently, there is little to no scientific evidence about the influence of amber on teething process. Yes, succinic acid itself has been proved to have positive influence on person’s body, but no studies are done about amber, unfortunately. Some people say that it all can come due to the reason that pharmaceutical companies are not interested in these kinds of research, because, well, if you start healing yourself with amber stones, who are going to buy pills? But i am not here to discuss any conspiracy theories and etc.

    I am working for an international amber wholesale company Nammu for almost two years and hear a lot of questions about amber teething and my bosses, running this company for almost 10 years, heard them thousand times more probably. Through this all time, I was actually wondering, what makes people believe in healing properties of amber if there is no scientific evidence? So, I have asked some of our more open customers and the answer I got is surprisingly simple – what actually makes a lot of people to believe in amber healing properties is the fact that it has been used in healing for centuries.

    We always say to our customers, who are buying teething necklaces that they first need to check following cautionary guidance and warnings issued in various countries throughout years before making a decision to buy amber:

    Canadian federal public health department (2010)

    Health Service Executive, Ireland (2015)

    American Academy of Pediatrics (2016)

    What we would suggest to insure the highest safety of babies if you decide to try amber for teething, is that amber bracelet and necklace should be worn by mom. Succinic acid in human’s body is being accumulated naturally in saliva, blood, sweat and breast milk, so it can easily be transferred to baby without any risks during simple feeding. Please, love your babies and be responsible!

  73. Are any of you, who are commenting on vaccinations, medical or pharmaceutical professionals? I am leaning toward no because, if you were, you’d know it is completely false the medical and pharmaceutical professionals are here to help not to harm. It is so disheartening to see people throw such malevolent rhetoric about groups of people who dedicate their lives to help and heal. You have no idea what you are saying.

  74. What is Modern Science?
    They never proved that Jesus Had A father from heaven so how do they know the ancient ways of amber.. trust your own instincts and take care of your child’s needs.
    Use common sense with everything that
    Has to do with your children. ♡

  75. Do you even read the links you post? The one with the poor baby that died at daycare, even the parents don’t believe it was the necklace. The daycare strangled that poor baby and blamed it on the necklace. The very link you posted takes you to the article where it is all explained.

  76. Thank you! Nothing drives me, as a Certified Pediatric Nurse, and mom of four, crazier than when people say “well I did xyz and my kid was fine”. Lucky for that kid! We used to ride without seatbelts but after years of research and data collection, we learned that seatbelt use saves lives. The AAP recommendations for safe sleep are for your child to be alone in his or her crib, without a bumper, pillow(s), toys, blankets, or JEWELRY. Ignore the naysayers; your article may have saved one child’s life. I’m sure the little one who died in 10/16 wish they’d read it sooner.

  77. I’ve only heard of the ‘healing properties’ of amber peripherally because I don’t have kids nor do I play with pseudoscience. I work in healthcare as well and I was in pediatrics for three years. I’m sure you are more knowledgeable than I am. I completely agree with you though. I was just looking for amber jewelry to purchase for its appearance. The first five pages of Google results were all this nonsense about healing and teething. Many of these sites are making such ridiculous claims that people should be laughing and hitting the ‘x’ to get right back out of there. Its really upsetting to see how popular this belief is. How did we end up with such widespread ignorance in the information age. I suspect the inability to distinguish a credible source from pure nonsense can be blamed on our educational system, but many of us went through the same system and developed critical thinking skills. I’m not sure why so many people are gullible to the point of believing amber necklaces have healing properties and help with teething. I did some more poking around and realized this trend is mild. Some of the insanity in the pseudoscience section of the Internet is appalling and dangerous. This trend could be dangerous too, although I’m more concerned with the big picture. The massive number of people falling for this are very likely going to fall for a lot more bunk. A significant percentage of the adult population has no idea how to think. I hope it is really a result of poor education and not a natural lack of intelligence. One of those possibilities can be fixed, the other is hopeless and very disturbing. These people throwing tantrums and losing their minds because there are ‘testimonials’ to prove amber works have either forgotten, or never learned, history. There were lots of testimonials at the Salem witch trials too, and study after study has shown that it is much easier to convince large groups of people to believe false information than to convince individuals.

  78. Hi, sorry but I do not agree with this article. I have a 10 month old baby and we know from our experience that the ambe necklace is helping a great deal. The reason for this is that when we first got it on after about 1-2 days his teething symptoms improved a great deal. In the space of a few months it has come off a couple of times and the symptoms got much worse. Its happening right now, he lost the nacklace about a week ago and getting really high temperature and sleepless nights, this is exactly whay happened last time the necklace came off. I cant 100% prove that it works but neither can I agree with an article that states it does not, since in my experience its proving to be a very useful tool in aiding the pains related to teething. Im not saying its like magic, I’m only sying it helps a great deal.
    Also regarding the safety aspect first of all its important to get the right size so that the baby cannot put their arm through and twist the necklace. Also if any doubt then it can be work on the ankle which I believe would make it incredibly difficult for the baby to manage to suffocate!
    As we’ve lost the necklace we have re ordered and he will be weraing it again from tomorrow, we will see what happens with his temperature then – I shall post back with results :)

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