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27 Must-Know Tips To Quickly Soothe a Teething Baby

Because the teething process is no fun at all.
Jennifer Brown

Teething was a tough phase that I remember very well for my little one.

At first it was hard to tell if he was in fact teething. But I noticed a complete change in his happiness, an almost constant river of drool, and him wanting to chew on my fingers or anything and everything for that matter.

With those signs I knew for sure it was time!

On one hand, he was lucky to start getting his teeth in early because he got it over with. He had a mouth full and that tough time was over for our entire household sooner rather than later. It wasn’t an easy few months, especially for him.

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Relief was not hard to find for my guy with a lot of things we already had in our home. I’ll share these methods along with my son’s favorites and some others.  Hopefully you can provide some relief for your little one and secure some solid sleep for your entire household.

Cold Food or Drink Will Help with Swollen Gums.

I know whenever I injured myself, ice would help relieve any swelling and pain quickly. Not only does it bring swelling down, but it also kind of numbs the area and helps any throbbing pain go away. Below are some cold foods many of us have that could bring relief.

1. Try a cold carrot. They are natural and safe to let your baby just go to town on.

2. A frozen waffle. Again, hard and safe to chew on and easy to grip.

3. Cold cut up cucumber slices. Cucumbers are also thought to have anti-swelling properties in them.

4. A frozen cheese stick. You can also serve it unfrozen, but frozen may provide the chill longer.

5. Cold celery. Not only is it cold but it is sturdy and the pressure from biting will also bring relief.

6. A cold pickle. This one may depend on your baby’s palette and preference.

7. Cold soft foods like applesauce and yogurt. It’s a yummy snack with cold relief.

8. Cold water in a sippy cup w/ ice cubes. Your little one can chew on the cup and enjoy cool relief.

9. Frozen fruit juice slushy. You can make your own combo of fruit and freeze your blend in a 4 oz. zip-lock storage container. Then slightly thaw and serve it when needed. Frozen slushy pears mixed with apples were one of my son’s favorites.

10. Frozen breast milk. You can freeze this just the same as the fruit slushies and serve.

Chill Familiar Household Items.

11.  A washcloth. Simply wet part of the cloth and stick it in a zip-lock for protection and freeze it. Then let your baby chew away.

12. A frozen pacifier. This one worked great and was one of my son’s favorites. You simply dunk it in water to let some of it soak in and then freeze it.

13. A frozen baby spoon.  A cold spoon is also easy to hold and can hold the chill for a good while.

Mesh and Non-Mesh Food Teethers Can Work Wonders.

14. There are some mesh teething products on the market like the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder and the Sassy Baby Teething Feeder. You can easily fill it with fruit and serve it cold or frozen for delicious relief. Some moms do find these hard to clean and may pass.

15. My son’s ultimate favorite teether was the Boon Pulp Silicon Feeder. This thing was not messy, easy to clean and just awesome! I usually stuffed it with banana or strawberries and froze it and my son loved his frozen fruit-sicles.

Pressure Helps.

16. Rubbing their gums. Simply doing so with a clean finger tip can help. Of course this is before the teeth break through the gums.

17. Hard teething toys. They can give relief simply from the pressure they give back when your baby bites them. There are so many on the market. However, you may want to review what materials they are made of for overall safety purposes as with all products.

18. Organic and natural plush teething blankets. These are also a great remedy providing a softer pressure on your baby’s gums. For example, the Teething Blankie by Apple Park Organic Farm Buddies.

19. Wooden teethers are also a safe alternative. Little Alouette teethers for example, can come unfinished or finished with organic flax seed oil.

20. Teething crackers and biscuits are another way your baby can apply pressure to the gums. They start off hard and then slowly melt away. There are many different brands on the market.

Comforting Distraction.

21. A nice warm bath. suggested a warm bath to distract a teething baby. This gives them the chance to take their mind off the pain by splashing around. I know this is something I enjoy after an achy day.

22. Breastfeeding. Also suggested by, simply holding your little one close and breastfeeding them can help soothe them.

23. Dry the drool. Excessive drool is a large part of the teething process. Keeping it wiped up will prevent skin irritation, which will only make the process more of an ordeal for your little one.

Teething Tabs.

24. Hyland’s Teething Tablets. I would say use these at your own discretion. I was told by a cousin that these seriously helped her daughter but then there were allegations that they led to possibly causing seizures and other complications in children. I never used these for my son. (Babycenter)

Topical Medication.

25. Teething gel. On the tough nights when my son would cry out in agony I would use Baby Orajel Naturals Gel. It’s made of a homeopathic formula and was easy to rub in and I noticed it gave him relief quickly. Usually I would put some on right after he finished his bottle and before I laid him in his crib.

Pain Relievers.

26. I pulled out the big guns of ibuprofen and acetaminophen when my son was in obvious pain during his routine bath time or any other time. Of course I gave him the recommended dosage for his size. On the really hard nights I would use one of these along with the Orajel and it helped him greatly.

Other Natural Remedies.

27. Chamomile tea, tincture and oil may be something to consider for teething relief. According to, it is recommended by pediatric specialists at the University of Michigan.

Read the Signs.

Your little one will tell you what they need. Don’t be afraid to try more than one or all of these remedies to get your baby feeling happy again! My son found so much relief during the day from the Boon Pulp Silicon Feeder. He would suck on that thing and just kind of zone out with relief.

Teething is one of the times I remember the most, because not only is your little one suffering but you are too mama, waking in the middle of the night to relieve them. And plus, it just breaks your heart to see your precious little one in so much pain.

Just hold on though, this too shall pass!

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